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Despite the fact that I am clearly not very good at this Photoshop thing (so bad at it, in fact, that the graphics editor I use isn't even Photoshop), I keep on trying. Here are some things I made and slapped on Tumblr. (meagre skills are meagre!)

I said:
So I was going to say something thoughtful~ or whatever about the exchange in “Some Assembly Required” about the reanimated dead girl(s) —
BUFFY: God, what if it worked, what if that poor girl is walking around [… .] What could she be thinking?

— and how that’s a really lovely reference to Frankenstein that I missed, my first time through this show, because I hadn’t read the book yet…
But then I had more reeds to work on so I started up “School Hard” and it became the Spike & Dru show, so. I did this instead.

Feels so good being bad
There's no way I'm turning back

I said:
This is a little something I’ve been affectionately thinking of as the AtS “Choke A Bitch” picspam, as in, “Does Angel have to choke a bitch?” — the bitch in question being, of course, Lilah Morgan. Like many others, I noticed early on that this show is obsessed with Lilah’s throat. She is choked on no fewer than six separate occasions (the main five above plus just out-of-frame by Gavin in “Billy”), is bitten by a vampire at least twice and has the threat of it dangled over her several more times, nearly has her neck snapped, and is eventually killed by having her throat impaled. Completely aside from the violence focused on this vulnerable body part, Lilah touches her own throat often, and so do a few other characters. So of course I thought it would be a natural thing to picspam.
Caps are my own, from 2x04 “Untouched,” 2x18 “Dead End,” 3x02 “That Vision Thing,” 3x06 “Billy,” 3x16 “Sleep Tight,” 3x17 “Forgiving,” 3x22 “Tomorrow,” 4x02 “Ground State,” 4x08 “Habeas Corpses,” 4x12 “Calvary,” and 4x22 “Home.” Honorable mentions go to 2x10 “Reunion” and 3x04 “Carpe Noctem,” which had potentially appropriate situations but no fitting shots to include.
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