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however: the last six days are the longest stretch i have gone without feeling intensely awful and crying suddenly about nothing/everything for at least two months, so there's that.

to absolutely do tomorrow: begin aldeburgh application; spend some serious quality time with contrabassoon
to maybe do tomorrow: comic shop?

idk it's still been a little rough, a little like i'm experiencing the world from a great distance, but for a few days, at least, i was feeling like i'd maybe taken a step into the light. i was feeling... galvanized? like i had Things To Do and, finally, the ability to actually do them without being overwhelmed or falling apart or being too afraid to begin. yesterday and today, i'm still trying to do the things but my burst of energy seems to have dissipated; i'm not sure how to go on from here.

also all the gratuitous boozing on bsg is making me really want a drink. or to maybe buy a secret bottle of whiskey or some such just to have on hand and also to have something to put in the flask. no no that is the worst idea ever i won't actually but man i really could use a drink.
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I'm expanding my cocktail repertoire to include whiskey, because after reminiscing about how wonderful the Jameson we had last year on St. Patrick's day was (and also on the goodness of whiskey in general, cheers to this summer's Bassoon Camping expedition), I finally took it upon myself to buy a bottle. That was a week or more ago; until tonight I've been sipping it straight, which is smooth and boozy and good, but hey, it's Saturday night at the beginning of spring break, and I saw an incredible concert (FIREBIRD @ THE PSO, GUH) tonight, so -- cocktail tiem!

New York Cocktail
1 1/2 oz. Whiskey (translate to: 3 parts)
1/2 oz. Lime Juice (1 part)
1 tsp sugar syrup or powdered sugar (relatively arbitrary amount of simple syrup -- easy to make at home! It's been sitting in my cabinet for months.)
dash grenadine (smallish arbitrary amount)
shake with ice
garnish with orange twist (which I did not do because who the fuck has orange twists lying around? I sure as fuck wasn't making one.)

It's pretty delicious -- sweet with a burn of whiskey, and a tart aftertaste.

I originally wanted to do the Los Angeles Cocktail -- whiskey, several dashes sweet vermouth, lemon juice, sugar syrup, and "1/2 raw egg", but (a) sweet vermouth is vile and I don't keep it at home and (b) I am leery of making cocktails with egg. I had a White Lady at a bar a little while back (gin, cream, sugar syrup, egg white) and it was pretty great, but that was an actual bartender making it and I don't really want to do it myself, eh?

Other things I have drunk at bars and restaurants recently: Pomegranate Margarita (okay, so this was at the Cheesecake Factory, it still counts); Aqua Velva (equal parts vodka, gin, and blue curaçao, topped up with sprite) at the Harris Grill; Singapore Sling (gin, sloe gin, sour mix, soda, top with cherry brandy?) at Joe Mama's. All delicious. But what I recommend, next time you're at a Cheesecake Factory, is the blueberry mojito -- Dena got this and it is crazy delicious. Despite the fact that I haven't really been feeling rum ever since the fateful Pirate Party, years and years ago.

Mmmm, booze :)

AND ALSO!! Presents from YouTube:
The Most Overused Line In Cinema
Playing bassoon is cool. (Dan says this might be the most highbrow penis joke ever, but somehow (shockingly) I don't follow...)
Smooth Criminal covered by two BADASS cellists. Can I be this rock and roll? Pls?
Sammy Davis, Jr., does impressions of his fellow crooners
Do tigers like catnip? I WANT TO RUB ALL THEIR BELLIES. OMG.
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1. so my teacher was totally annoyed with me for calling her so late. and maybe also for telling her the quintet felt like we weren't ready for a coaching yesterday. ffffffffff

2. our quintet rehearsal yesterday was actually really awesome and we fixed a lot of stuff. so that's cool.

3. Operation: Clean ALL The Things! got a little rushed at the end there due to the traffic downtown on the way back from the symphony being ABSURD because of some tree-lighting things? idek. whatever. BUT at least it all happened. my apartment had never been so clean, for all of about 1 hour. and then the party fouls began.

4. i learned 2 things! a) i throw a good "get-together" and b) i mix a strong drink. (point (b) may or may not be the cause of point (a)...)

5. i'm not totally useless today i don't think, which is good because i have a lesson and a dress rehearsal and a concert... but i do wish i had kicked the last two composers out before 4 a.m.
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No, no, actually. I'm about ready to declare Operation: Clean ALL The Things! a resounding success! Yay me!

Final Final Items:
- move cat things to bedroom
- vacuum living room
- final clear-off/wipe down of food/drink surfaces
- empty ALL the trashes!
- make bed
- Do Something about the blind in the front window

And that is all. No, really. Everything else is Done now.

In other news, I called my teacher at midnight because I lost track of time whilst Cleaning ALL The Things!

Yeah, I hope she's not mad. At least she didn't pick up? Or is that worse?

Next On: research seminar. rehearsal/coaching. Happy Fun Contra Tiem with Comrade N! dress rehearsal. pittsburgh symphony (joan tower clarinet concerto; appalachian spring). cocktail party! drop dead of tired. wake up and play a concert.
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- kitchen
--- sink
--- oven??
--- coffee maker
--- toaster
- bathroom
--- sink
--- tub
--- toilet
--- mirror

- living room
--- remove (black) cat hair from (white) loveseat (yeah, that was perhaps not a good call on my part)
--- Do Something about the blind in the front window -- it's one of those roll-up ones, and the bracket is fuxxed so it falls down a lot and is currently extended all the way so it covers part of the radiator in addition to the window
--- finally figure out how to hook up DVD player so that it actually works? FUCK THAT NOISE
- bedroom
--- tidy items on top of dresser
--- put away pile of shoes
--- put away pile of bras
--- make bed
--- relocate litterbox & cat dishes to bedroom for Friday night
- dining room
--- clear library books & random papers off table
--- clear coats & scarves off computer stand
- entire flat
--- vacuum
--- mop (well, Swiffer Wet Jet)
--- put up posters? They've been sitting rolled up on the bookshelf since they arrived. :(
Also, the walls of my apartment are weirdly impenetrable. Grr.

..... okay, that actually looks like a fuck of a lot still to do. Uh.

addt'l prep:
- booze run (Wine & Spirits store) DUDE I FINALLY FOUND AN EMPLOYEE WHO IS NICE TO ME THERE. We chatted about Our New Old Governor Jerry Brown. Did you know he used to be involved with Linda Ronstadt?
- mixer/garnish/ice run (Giant Eagle, the local supermarket) OMG LIQUIDS ARE HEAVY
- snack run (Trader Joe's -- MUST FIGURE OUT HOW TO BUS THERE & BACK. Or draft someone to drive me I guess. Eh.) (it turns out it's pretty easy to get there, if I don't mind a 3/4 mile stroll both ways. I mean, I could do a route with less walking and more switching of buses, but I'm an able-bodied young person and it's not that cold out yet, so....) (Being at TJ's made me really happy, actually. My brain associates it with California and delicious things. And it looks like the produce is better there than at Giant Eagle... I may have to go back to buy fruit and veg. And blood orange soda.)
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In preparation for a cocktail party I'm hosting on Friday (Comrade P insists on calling it a "get-together" -- parties are for undergrads, get-togethers are for cool, low-key, responsible grad students), I have initiated what I like to call, Operation: Clean ALL The Things! (helpful explanatory link) I didn't do as much as I intended to this weekend, but it's... going well, I think.

- laundry (ongoing)
--- clothing
--- linens
- dishes (ongoing)
- kitchen counters
- stove top
- threw out pile of unnecessary papers

- kitchen
--- sink
--- oven??
--- coffee maker
--- wipe down toaster
- bathroom
--- sink
--- tub
--- toilet
--- mirror
- living room
--- remove (black) cat hair from (white) loveseat (yeah, that was perhaps not a good call on my part)
--- Do Something about the blind in the front window -- it's one of those roll-up ones, and the bracket is fuxxed so it falls down a lot and is currently extended all the way so it covers part of the radiator in addition to the window
--- finally figure out how to hook up DVD player so that it actually works?
- bedroom
--- tidy items on top of dresser
--- put away pile of shoes
--- put away pile of bras
--- make bed
--- relocate litterbox & cat dishes to bedroom for Friday night
- dining room
--- clear library books & random papers off table
--- clear coats & scarves off computer stand
- entire flat
--- vacuum
--- mop (well, Swiffer Wet Jet)
--- put up posters? They've been sitting rolled up on the bookshelf since they arrived. :(

..... okay, that actually looks like a fuck of a lot still to do. Uh.

addt'l prep:
- booze run (Wine & Spirits store)
- mixer/garnish/ice run (Giant Eagle, the local supermarket)
- snack run (Trader Joe's -- MUST FIGURE OUT HOW TO BUS THERE & BACK. Or draft someone to drive me I guess. Eh.)
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Because apparently right now I can write prodigiously on any topic... except that of the measly four-page midterm paper that is now a week late. For serious, guys, I couldn't even get that shit done sitting in the quiet study section of the library.

1. The accent. I can't get a handle on it, you guys, and you know how I am about accents. The thing is, the people I hear on the street either sound like The South, or they sound like they could be from Anytown, USA. It's freaky. And the people I see day-to-day are from, like, all over the world, so that doesn't help me get a handle on the Pittsburgh accent. I'm actually pretty disappointed by this, it's supposed to be quite distinctive. (The girl in the unit next door is from West Virginia, but when mum and I met her I would have placed her as Texan. Then again, Comrade P actually is from Texas, and he doesn't sound it at all. So I dunno, maybe it's just me. But still!)

2. The Booze Store. Pennsylvania has ridiculously strict liquor laws, apparently because it was settled by a bunch of Jesus freaks and, you know, Amish and Quakers and shit. Which means that booze cannot be found in the grocery store (well i guess there's some thing about each franchise being able to get liquor licenses for three stores in the entire state but whatevs). There's a Wine & Spirits store (which sells only wine and spirits -- liqueurs and hard liquor -- and no beer) a couple blocks from my apartment, so that's dandy. So far the only places I am personally certain sell beer are the zillion tiny hole-in-the-wall pizza places -- this seems to be the easiest way to get a six-pack, it seems. Supposedly there is a store in the borough north of mine that has a Beer Store where 24-packs can be had for a ridiculous price, but I haven't seen it with my own eyes yet. BUT ANYWAY the Wine & Spirits store. I'm fond of it. The selection is good, even if wines are at least a dollar more here than they would be in California (and I don't know if this is PA's fault, or the shipping distance, because Barefoot Wine should be $4.99 but it is $5.99 here and apparently this is a place where people utter the phrase "three-buck Chuck" (oh Charles Shaw what have you done to yourself :c)); it's organized and the aisles are clearly labeled and there's all sorts of fancy shit that I'd probably have to go to an actual liquor store to find in California, like white creme de menthe and shit. But the employees seem angry or unhappy or something; they're always really brusque. And I don't know why. I don't think it's me.... I'm polite, I'm clean, I'm neatly dressed, I'm of legal drinking age (and I don't look suspiciously young or anything), I say "hello" and "thank you" and "have a good $TIMEOFDAY." So... I don't get it. Maybe they are annoyed that I usually have to fish in my bookbag to find my wallet to show them my ID.


a further note on booze: Grasshoppers, which are delicious and minty and green. Equal parts cream, creme de menthe (green hell yes), and creme de cacao (wiki says white but I just used brown and the drink still ends up quite green so I have decided it makes no damn difference). Shake with ice & serve in a chilled cocktail glass. Reminiscent of mint-chocolate-chip ice cream: sweet and full of calories. TASTY!
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Tuesday was another concert (it seriously feels like concert after concert here, and I'm not even in them all) -- Beethoven 7, in which I played second bassoon and I swear to god, I've never felt so insecure about my intonation in my life. Not even when Maestro has called me out, not even on uncontrollable contrabassoons. I don't even know. But they're so exposed, the wind parts in that symphony, and playing second bassoon is a big responsibility in terms of intonation. (And I wish more bassoonists I've played with would understand this. Playing second isn't a consequence of "not being good enough to play first" and it doesn't mean you don't matter, jesus. You are the bass voice. You control the pitch.) But anyway, my sources in the audience tell me that the woodwind intonation was excellent (certainly better than the brass or the strings), so I guess I count that one as a win despite my anxiety. (but seriously there were a few chords where I just didn't even play because I had no idea where the pitch center was or where I was supposed to be. it was so upsetting.)

Anyway. Afterwards, the bull-like percussionist I mentioned the other day came up to me while I was packing up, and asked me if I was doing anything after the concert. "I don't know," I answered honestly, and at point I needed to dump my reed water, so I excused myself for a minute. He didn't really continue the conversation when I came back, and I was frazzled enough from the performance and the pressing need to go find my teacher and see what she thought of it, that I wasn't totally aware of anything except for making sure I had all my stuff (and you know me, I always have an epic amount of stuff). Anyway, after I had managed to put my coat back on, he kind of mumbled a farewell at me, and I must have looked back at him wild-eyed, because he said something about how I had a lot going on or something. I didn't realize until later that, oh, oops, he was trying to ask me out, and I was so flustered and distracted that he just kind of gave up.

I mentioned it later to Comrade P and the principal oboist and flautist, because we ended up going for a drink (there's a bar near my apartment with AMAZING winter drinks -- apple cider with rum, which was what I had, and some pretty excellent-sounding coffee drinks and chocolate and/or caramel flavoured things. Must remember to return), and while the girls were advising me to just accept dates if I'm undecided because, hey, free meal (I love musicians. So pragmatic about food), I realised that, completely aside from not being remotely into him, I kind of don't want a relationship. I'm quite accustomed to being totally starved for touch by now, and while it's now awesome, I'm not that desperate -- I can handle it for a while longer. Honestly, I don't want to try to make space in my life for someone else right now; I have enough going on with my bassoon and my cats and just trying to make friends, and not lose the ones that are scattered around the country. (but a hookup or two wouldn't be the worst thing ever, i mean, a girl has needs, amirite?)

So yeah. Whatever. I do feel like I should apologize to the poor dude for being such a spaz, but in one of those weird twists of kismet or something, I haven't run into him even once since Tuesday. *shrug*

(Subjects this entry has had: "Hmm," "Single McSingleton," "Perennially Single")
(Also: I am once again contemplating my singleness while baking cookies. WTF is this? I blame texting with Will, he always makes me get all romantically introspective. It's a knee-jerk reaction from high school when we were both pretentious and I wanted to impress him with how deep I am. Talking is much easier now that we both understand that he takes things at face value and means exactly what he says, and that I almost never say what I mean. Hah.)

(In other news, I think I have discovered How Not To Eat All The Cookie Dough Before It Becomes Cookies (or How Not To Eat All The Cookies You Just Baked): improvise a disturbingly sweet but still boozy cocktail from whatever is on hand (in my case, gin, dry vermouth, and creme de menthe syrup (not proper creme de menthe mind you -- just sweet minty syrup), stirred) and drink it while you're baking. It effectively removes any desire to consume anything else that is sweet. (OH MY GOD THE NESTED PARENTHESES, LET ME SHOW YOU THEM. HAVE I CLOSED THEM ALL PROPERLY? I HOPE SO, JFC.))

(In other other news, today the rice cooker arrived in the mail (yeah, mum mailed me the one I had at the apartment last year. Mum mails me a lot of things lately. I'm so glad she loves me.), so tonight was TOFU CURRY OVER RICE EXTRAVAGANZA!!!!!! Because I tried tofu curry over pasta before i found the rice at the grocery store, and it was DISGUSTING LIKE A DISGUSTING THING. I made the curry sauce myself. It was weirdly bland, though... I am not sure what it needs. The recipe is here, and I added some ground ginger because ginger is the shit, okay? Anyway, I'd appreciate thoughts on this recipe. MOAR FLAVR: WANT. HOW I CAN HAS??)

(@ 3:43 -- Cookies: finished. My sleep schedule: officially fuxx0red! :D !!!)
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Last week -- two weeks ago? Er, maybe, oops -- I bought a "locally-grown" eggplant from Giant Eagle, which appears to be Pittsburgh's answer to Ralphs. Last night, I decided it was about damn time to cook it. I considered making eggplant parmesan, but then I thought, no, how cliché, and also, omg prolly way too complicated, as well as, bread crumbs? fuck that shit! So instead I went to BBC Food and searched for "eggplant."

And it returned zero hits.

And then, feeling rather idiotic, I seared for "aubergine," and lo, there were recipes! And then I narrowed it to "vegetarian" (not because I'm actually vegetarian, guys, but because I get squeamish when handling raw meat cannot be arsed to cook meat) and "main course" and "quick & easy" and decided my best option was...

Aubergine Pizza )

You may have noticed that this only used half an eggplant. I used the other half tonight (and, note to self: if you really want to get to bed before midnight ever, you should stop cooking elaborate dinners after 9 pm) in a much more self-directed creation.

Eggplant Pasta )


p.s. Earning my membership to the Latent Alcoholics Club here... I paired both these dishes with Barefoot Shiraz, a dry red. It's pretty good wine, on a student's budget -- usually $4.99 in CA, and a dollar or two more here in Pittsburgh (probably on account of having to send it far away, their HQ is in Modesto). You know. Because I'm a lush.


May. 23rd, 2010 02:31 am
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p.s. I really really miss having fun. There needs to be a massive music party in the near future. Especially because there have been virtually no big music parties this whole damn year and music parties are fun (because I actually know people at music parties).

I can't host, but I'll bring a fuckton of booze, okay? Because I need to dispose of it before I move back home anyway. And most of it is good fucking booze. (you know, discounting the blueberry smirnoff that I have exclusively for use in pi-tinis because I'm not that into vodka and if I were it wouldn't be flavoured vodka although I can't tell you how intrigued I am by that ginger-infused SKYY shit. Does anyone have some that I could just try? I definitely don't want to shell out for a whole damn bottle.)
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Easter and Christmas are the two days my mum pretends that my brother and I are still small children. Sometimes I wonder if it's some kind of self-prescribed way to deal with us growing up? Anyway, on those days, she indulges herself (and us, I suppose) by giving us candy and kiddie toys. Staples of Christmas stockings are: wind-up toys, old-fashioned games (wooden tic-tac-toe, that kind of thing), those bouncy-ball-and-paddle things, tiny toy horses or dinosaurs, Silly Putty, and Slinky Jr. Things that she usually puts in Easter Baskets are super balls, those cheeping chicks, Pez dispensers, sometimes little notepads and stuff (last year's theme was Beatrix Potter), and DVDs for the family to share, like Harry Potter. This year? Zhu Zhu Pets hamsters. No, really. I let the cats chase mine sometimes. I have no idea what my brother does with his. My mum is crazy.

This year, she also gave me Peeps. She actually forgot on Easter, and then brought them to me at my apartment when she came with my tax forms. She said she almost gave them to my younger cousins from NorCal, but decided not to because they were my Peeps and I would be sad, supposedly. (Plus they really don't need any more sugar.) Now, Peeps are kind of nasty -- they're pretty much sugar, covered in more sugar, which has been dyed unnatural colours. That said, I have a bizarre affection for them, and I can't figure out why, beyond some sort of internet myth that Peeps are the evil fluffy marshmallow armies of darkness or something, I don't even know. But I do kind of like them. Not to eat, though. Although, to not eat them seems a little bit sad, like you're denying the fulfilment of their entire reason for existence. So I just ate two of them. The nutritional information on the package says a serving is five Peeps. What I would like to know is, who can eat five Peeps in one sitting??? I certainly can't, and I don't want to. Ew. I don't think I could even when I was a small child.

In other news, I just had a glass of gin and ginger ale, which I thought would be a bad combination until I tried it. Apparently it's called a "Gin Buck"? Whatever.
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Things which are unwise to do on a school night (when one must teach at 8 ayemme the next day):
Whiskey and Guinness. No, not Irish Car Bombs, although that was the intention -- it turns out that the apartments of underaged girls contain a woeful lack of shot glasses, though certainly not due to any teetotaling on her part. We shot the whiskey and chased it with Guinness, which was sort of a pity, actually -- Jameson is a beautiful, beautiful thing and should be savoured. It was also massively on sale tonight at Ralphs, and I'm already regretting not buying a bottle for myself. And now I must put my affectedly eloquent and totally-safe-to-drive self to bed, so my students don't suspect what kind of role model I really am tomorrow.

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Epic Audition Extravaganza: The Completed List
1. PACT: Do Not Want, Wednesday night panic, Muscle Spasm awesomesauce, Granola Bars FAIL, probable overpacking
2. LAX: Terminal 6 does not appear to have a theme... but does have plants, sausage sandwich, sitting and waiting, I change my wallpaper when I'm bored apparently
3. Midair: Continental serves Bombay Sapphire (which is a bigger point in its favour than it should be considering I don't generally imbibe on airplanes and especially not when I have to do something important the next day) and experiments with biofuels, sleeping through lunch, Renee Zellweger is Not Pretty, Houston is verdant.
4. IAH: many sprawling terminals, rude cart drivers, extremely localized food, assholes at chili's, Apple Fritters are NOT Apple-Filled, changing gates OMG: I am not amused; many outlets; many running people (I feel this is a sign that the layout here is ineffective); no dinosaurs here either; waiting forever to board
5. Midair: teeny jet, smashed finger, eager-to-please flight attendant, sleeping, omg my ears
6. Greensboro --> Winston-Salem: Awkward driver, Historic Hotel is Actually Posh (pictures!), These Boots: Made Foar Walkin
7. UNCSA: Disjunct practise rooms, Air Travel Fiasco Part the First, The Audition (so-so), Oon Bonding: Lunch, The Interview, Oon Bonding: Coffee (which I had to regretfully decline)
8. Winston-Salem --> Greensboro: These Boots: No Moar Walkin Pls, Automated Phone Systems Suck, Chatty Driver
9. GSO: Ticket Fiasco Part the Second (OMG OMG OMG)
10. Midair: Sunset Sandwich, SO MUCH SNOW
11. PHL: How do they get the snow off of so much tarmac?, still (miraculously) on time, very convenient clocks everywhere (yes, this is notable), classical music (Quiet City :) ), CNN: "Monster Nor'easter"
12. Midair: PROPELLOR PLANE OMG, de-icing fluid, fucking loud, uncomfortably warm cabin, uncomfortably warm dude (why must you choose to sit next to me?), dumbfuck lady behind me (worthless human being)
13. EWR: wtf soliciting taxis inside baggage claim (TSA should make them gtfo), the clear deterioration of my mood (stressed? tangry? hangry?), muscle spasm: reprise, I just found a dust bunny under my keyboard cover wtf
14. New Brunswick: Meeting Zach's friends, cosmos, hangover, New Brunswick is charming, snow makes things pretty (and ice makes them slippery), orchestra concert, Houlihan's and bassoon-related desperation, fastest audition turnaround EVAR, sleepover!, omg the snoring (how does your girlfriend stand you?), breakfast or lack thereof (two granola bars and a tangerine, which has less of a ring to it than "two turntables and a microphone"), snow is cute!
15. Onna Train: easy-peasy, so sleepy, Not the Closest Stop to Temple
16. Temple: only arriving 15 minutes before means I can't overtire my chops in the practise room :D, The Audition (I think it went well but man am I awkward. Also, no "do you have any questions?" wtf)
17. Wandering Philadelphia with my Bassoon: The Broad Street Line (and the rude ticket booth attendant), Avenue of the Arts, Curtis, Rittenhouse Square, Walnut Street (H&M + Steve Madden = Temptation), classy ladies eat at McDonald's, City Hall and the Love Statue (pictures!), The Blue Line (one stop haha but it's better than walking 8 blocks), serendipitously convenient timing
18. Onna Train Again: still easy, still sleepy.
19. New Brunswick: walking distance ftw, awkward ride offer, naptiems, Fat Sandwiches, The Hangover
20. Monday: seriously dude chill the fuck out, Coldstone :D, No Restrooms Anywhere, Spontaneous Audition is Spontaneous!, I hate paperwork, train, subway, Hot Dogs Are Delicious, Lincoln Center is Pretty, OMG THE MET (Barber of Seville; can I work here please?), Deacon Brody's, RUN RUN RUN, embarrassing stories are embarrassing!
22. Tuesday: sitting around, OCD suitcase management, Tiny Professor is Tiny, New York Adventure! (train, subway, Mannes, rehearsing with Raphael, aimless wanderings, Roomie!, chilling with Paula: YMCA, Dinner (Peter's), Cupcakes (Magnolia), missing the train), margaritas (likely ill-advised), The Rite of Spting
23. Wednesday: Toaster Oven FAIL, New York Adeventure! (bus, train, Penn Station is Still Confusing, the 81st St. subway station is the prettiest (PICTURES)), The Audition (Mozart I, Berceuse, Alan Fox), aimlessly wandering the Upper West Side (eggplant parmesan in Central Park (PICTURES!)), Museum of Natural History (Birds! Dinosaurs! how the hell do I leave? no time for rocks, space :c (MORE PICTURES!)), omg my feet, The Music Theory Battery, train, dinner and much wine and Beatles Rock Band
24. Thursday: mild oversleeping (still with time to organizedly re-re-pack), train, EWR (Dunkin' Donuts outside security but not inside? FOUL DECEITFULTEMPTRESS, No Freaking Outlets), Onna Plane (crosswords, sleeping), PHX (WTF weird random hills GTFO, CPK :D, No Freaking Outlets Again), Onna Plane (sniffles, boredom, sudoku), LAX (fuckers don't know how to drive), home again home again (kitties! disgusting hair! sleeping!), apartment (ugh just go the fuck to bed)
25. Friday: Reasons I Hate Flatmate (huge mess, coffee grinds, coffee pot, garbage disposal, fridge takeover), SCSBOA Festival (these shoes: not made foar walkin), Contempo Flux, Napa, home again home again

Also!! My car has a passenger-side mirror again. Yay :)


Feb. 27th, 2010 08:29 am
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Dear Dunkin' Donuts,
You win at greasy hangover breakfast.
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- If you stick your hand deep into a snowdrift, the snow you grab is soft and fluffy, unlike the hard icy shell of the drift
- The key to being a Drunk Girl (for me at least) is being in the company of someone you can trust to be The Responsible One. Usually the Responsible One is me, which spoils all my potential Drunk Girl fun.
- Epic Audition Extravaganza, Leg the Second: LIST.
6. Greensboro --> Winston-Salem: Awkward driver, Historic Hotel is Actually Posh (pictures!), These Boots: Made Foar Walkin
7. UNCSA: Disjunct practise rooms, Air Travel Fiasco Part the First, The Audition (so-so), Oon Bonding: Lunch, The Interview, Oon Bonding: Coffee (which I had to regretfully decline)
8. Winston-Salem --> Greensboro: These Boots: No Moar Walkin Pls, Automated Phone Systems Suck, Chatty Driver
9. GSO: Ticket Fiasco Part the Second (OMG OMG OMG)
10. Midair: Sunset Sandwich, SO MUCH SNOW
11. PHL: How do they get the snow off of so much tarmac?, still (miraculously) on time, very convenient clocks everywhere (yes, this is notable), classical music (Quiet City :) ), CNN: "Monster Nor'easter"
12. Midair: PROPELLOR PLANE OMG, de-icing fluid, fucking loud, uncomfortably warm cabin, uncomfortably warm dude (why must you choose to sit next to me?), dumbfuck lady behind me (worthless human being)
13. EWR: wtf soliciting taxis inside baggage claim (TSA should make them gtfo), the clear deterioration of my mood (stressed? tangry? hangry?), muscle spasm: reprise, I just found a dust bunny under my keyboard cover wtf
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1. Apparently you call this phone number and leave a message for the internet, totally anonymously, about whatever is on your mind?

2. I found that website because I typed "fuck yeah" into the search field at, which is really just Google but in a pretty skin and "deadly accurate"

3. I also found a Neil Patrick Harris fansite. Fuck yeah! That man is beautiful.

4. So I... finished? mostly?... finished one project, which was a miniature version of the PACT teacher assessment thing I'll have to do next term. There was some stuff I very deliberately chose to leave out because I am a slow worker and still ended up sending the "here's my assignment! :D" e-mail 5-8 minutes late.

a.m. until 3ish?: The other project, a paper on who succeeds at school and why. Also, DON'T FORGET: driving directions to HS and MS
4pm: meeting with my Master Teacher for the rest of the year
4:30-somewhat before 7: observe Music Ed Advisor doing an orchestra clinic at the school where I will student teach
7pm: attend middle school orchestra concert to see My Bassoon Student :DDDDD
after 7pm: get my drink on with music ed peeps? Or that might be Wednesday, I forget.

6. WEDNESDAY: study the fuck out of constitution book, have early dinner with Violist P and My Favourite Junior (hopefully at Father's Office, mmmmmmm), Music Ed Get Smashed Party?

7. Thursday OR Friday, depends on progress of constitution studying and on whether I am hungover: Drive to CSULB at fuck o'clock ayemme, take citizenship test, drive back to UCLA, work in library.


9. Gig this weekend with Proto-Doctor Grad Conductor's Korean Youth Orchestra, yay! I love earning money for playing bassoon.


p.s. 11. moar fuckyeah-related links! -- some of these are way too fresh for my taste, but mostly they look really cool. It does spook me a little when I can't tell what body part it is, though
and the rest of it is all team america, save for one unfortunate etched powerbook. :/
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1) damn my feet hurt like a motherfucker
2) imma be so hungover tomorrow prolly
3) it's 5 whyyyyyyyyy am i awaaaaaaaake
4) ian is my favourite but he's leeeeeavinnnnggggg :c
5) ich liebe paula she makes me do things
6) okay having a crush is fun but the obsessing is not allowed i don't have time.
7) is it sad that i have dreams about people treating me like a human being, and it's significant? yes, yes it is.
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From yesterday:
things that MUST happen tomorrow:
- call ucpd and schedule fingerprinting/background check, preferably for FRIDAY, EARLYISH because I have to turn materials in to the school of ed on Friday.
Scheduled for Tuesday and I'll just have to plead my case to the School of Ed Office of Student Services -- well i was planning to do it earlier this week but then i was really really sick and after i was able to leave the house again, the next available appointment was on tuesday... *pout*
- find online form for fingerprinting/background check, fill in applicable fields
- figure out APLE application business, fill out appropriate forms.
- call mum re: rent money, necessity or lack thereof of funds transfer?

New To-Do-Tomorrow-Or-Else List:
- fill out live scan paperwork
- figure out APLE shit
- make pilgrimage to Sch of Ed OSS & turn shit in
- OMG PROJECT. Because guess what didn't get done today, either? !!! :D
- call student's mom re: scheduling lesson for Sunday (or not. I might beg off. sorry i can't teach your daughter how to play bassoon today, i am sick. *pout*)
- to Petsmart for kibble
- to Rite Aid for drugs. and maybe also chips. because I'm out of chips and that sucks.
- to Aah's for pith helmet? I'm probably not going to do anything Saturday night because I'm sick, even if I am starting to feel better, but that doesn't make me want a pith helmet any less. *sigh* I guess dinosaur tamer costume must wait another year...

Aaaaand I had a whole shitload of music worked up for my lesson last week, but it turned into hammering scales and then therapy, so I didn't get to play any of it for my teacher. And then I forget whether I practised very much last week but I suspect not that much? Maybe some. Except then I was sick and missed this week's lesson, and this week I have been sick and have not practised at all, except last night so my fingers could re-learn Mahler, and now there will be lessons on Monday again and I no longer have things worked up. Fie.

Also, being sick apparently interferes with my ability to access my vocabulary? The word I was grasping at yesterday when I was babbling about "upper harmonics" was in fact overtones. And it's still hard to tune if you can't hear your own overtones, btw. Also, tonight after the concert, I was blowing water out of the contra and my ear popped. It hurt a little, and seems like not a good sign. I might also stop at student health to see whether the antibiotics did their job.

But in other news, know what's tasty? Chai tea with Kahlua in.
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Let it be known that diet tonic water is nasty. It'll be full sugar for me in the future. Of course it could also have something to do with having gotten Shasta brand diet tonic water, because I was already splurging on cheese and trusting that quality gin (Bombay Sapphire) would carry the drink (which is almost does). But I'm pretty sure the fake sugar is the main thing wrong with it.

(I had a moment where I almost wrote "not tasty" instead of "nasty" and I just thought, whoa, "nasty" could totally be a blend of "not" and "tasty." ETYMOLOGICAL TRUFAX??? Not so much. But a fun folk etymology maybe.)

In other drink-related news, the 'rents might be coming to see the flat on Monday, before we take Mum to dinner or something for her birthday. Q: Do I leave the booze out, or do I hide it? 'Rents are teetotalers and I have never told them that I drink, though they may have assumed it. Mum was at the flat briefly a little while ago and I'm sure noticed the booze but didn't say anything; Da will probably kick up a fuss, though. And I don't want to give the Munchkin any ideas, I know what kids at our HS who were less sheltered than I was got up to. I heard them talking during biology and chemistry labs.

I know I sometimes talk like I'm some kind of lush, but I drink responsibly, and not more than a few times a month. *bites lip*

In kitten-related news, they now have adorable tiny collars and look very handsome. The collars are multicoloured-striped (they match the "many bright colours" décor of our living room, which was a bonus) with mint-green plastic fasteners -- breakaway collars, so they don't strangle the cats if the collar gets caught on anything. It turns out that Ducky is an escape artist! He pulled off his collar three times before I tightened it enough that he couldn't get his paws under it. New nickname: Houdini.

They're both sleeping on my bed, one on either side of me. Baxter is sprawled more-or-less on his back, with his arms over his head. His paws and whiskers are twitching. Ducky's ear is twitching, too. I think they're dreaming. It's totally sweet.

The fleas might be back -- probably a new wave of fleas, having hatched in the warm-and-humid conditions of my apartment. I'm waiting for the Advantage to arrive in the mail (it's coming from Canada, but should have gone out on Tuesday at the latest and so should be here very soon after the holiday), and until then we have resumed daily Happy Fun Flea Comb Tiem!! I'm not restricting them to my room again, but I did get a flea collar and cut it up and put it in the vacuum bag, and tomorrow or Monday there will be EPIC VACUUMING.

P.S. O HAI HELVETICA. Now, the question is, am I or am I not too lazy to put the "font face" tag at the beginning of all my entries? WE SHALL SEE. But at least now I know I can make my emoticons not look weird. It's a matter of :D versus :D, of <3 versus <3. And also probably of me trying to be a bigger typeface nerd than I really am, but some of my best nerdery has come of actively trying to be nerdier, and typography is at least something I like. Yay aesthetics.
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With... well, just me, really. No Jimmy Fallon, no Tina Fey, no Amy Poehler, sorry. (Can you tell from that list when I have watched SNL?)

FIRST!! I have seen NO FLEAS for the past few days. VICTORY IS MINE, Y/Y???

I cooked a lot this weekend! and by 'a lot' I actually mean that I made Rice-A-Roni (but hey, at least it's on the stove and not in the microwave, yes?), I steamed broccoli (this time in the microwave, but it was fresh broccoli), I baked cheese bread (this link goes to [ profile] copperbadge's recipe, because he is brilliant. I used havarti, smoked provolone, and asiago as my cheeses. I had too much salt in the herb mix, and next time I'm definitely switching the oregano for rosemary because I don't particularly like oregano, and I left it in the oven slightly too long, but the bread came out a lot fluffier than the first time I tried it (with p'tit basque and asiago) which was lovely, and anyway, my brother liked it), and I made crepes (filled with Nutella, pear slices, and peach slices. whipped my own cream, too! whipping cream + sweet vermouth (which was admittedly a little strange) + a splash of almond extract + a heaping spoonful of sugar when that wasn't sweet enough + LOTS OF ELBOW GREASE EH because I don't have an electric hand mixer and couldn't be fucked to get down the stand mixer and dirty yet another bowl okay?) for breakfast today. Plus I made myself a martini last night, and mixing is almost like cooking, yes? (I needed to finish the old gin because I bought new gin and had to justify it. don't judge me okay??)

btw, for those of you who don't know, a martini is this:
in a shaker: ice, gin (I like Bombay Sapphire but I'm too posh for my own good), "fond memories of vermouth" (I actually use a liberal splash, but I love that quote. Who said that?). And everyone says "stir, don't shake, you'll bruise the gin!" but I can't be arsed really so I stick the top on and I turn it over once or twice and then I strain into a glass (a cocktail glass, properly, but we have no cocktail glasses (they were Roomie's -- man I should get my ass some cocktail glasses, and some wine glasses) so thus far at the new apartment I have strained martinis into margarita glasses and, last night, into a coffee mug because I desperately didn't want to make even more washing up for myself after doing the washing up, then cooking, then washing up again). Garnish with olives impaled on a cocktail sword or something, I generally stick two onto a toothpick and call it a fucking night. Or if you're posh and you don't fancy olives you could garnish with a twist (of lemon peel), but honestly, who wants to make a goddamn twist? Plus I like olives.

I didn't used to like olives. Funny. I wonder when it changed?

Anyway. I had myself a bit of a Torchwood marathon this weekend, in between cooking and washing up and going to the market and attending a family function. I had stopped in the middle of the first series before Children of Earth aired in July, and now I've finished that and gotten about half-way through the second series, which is considerably less mockable than the first series. (Not mock-proof, note. Just less mockable.) And I kept getting ideas for shit, and jotting them down in my "fragments" file. So I might start writing again, god save me. Fanfiction.

No, I'm not sure I mean that the way it came out. Many good fanfiction authors are very much Good Authors In General, or at least have the potential to be should they every quit their day jobs. And it's not shameful, to have ideas and create things inspired by something you're into. It's not inferior to original fiction, but it has that social stigma, like pretty much every aspect of fandom. And I'm done denying who I am, right? I'm embracing the things that make me who I am, especially the geekery, so you know what? I am an avid reader of fanfiction. And I have been a writer of fanfiction, and I may become one again.

It's kind of crazy that Torchwood has gotten so much under my skin. I love it on a campy sci-fi level, and a Gays On TV! level, and an Actors Are Attractive People level, and a caring-about-characters level, and a fandom-makes-awesome-things level (fic, art, vids, icons) -- but then there's also the meta things: I like to read what other fans think about episodes, characterisation, themes and messages, and other fans' ideas. And I have had a lot to think about because of fandom, and because of the way I personally react to this show. It's led me to define and articulate what I think about love, what I think about relationships, and it (and even more so Doctor Who) has reminded me to appreciate the wonder of the world and the people around me. I don't think I was this consumed by Animorphs, or X-Men, or Harry Potter, or even Lord of the Rings. None of those have been so... thinky for me. Well. LotR got pretty scholarly-thinky, but not as personal-thinky. V for Vendetta and its message about integrity (Valerie, anyone?) was a step on this path, but it was nowhere near the level of personal growth Torchwood has triggered. And yet, it's a plot-holey, bad-sciencey, , campy, darker-edgier-sexier spinoff of a show that I didn't even properly watch before Torchwood sank its teeth into me. How can it have become such a phenomenon in my life?

It's very smoky in my area tonight.

The kitties were roughhousing on my bed earlier, but now they're just chilling. Baxter definitely jumped face-first into the wall a couple times, though. Uh.

Ducky (formerly Dizzy, formerly Maybe-Vasco-Maybe-Quantum) likes to sleep in the crevice that my bed makes against the wall. I guess it's probably because my apartment is hot and the wall is cold? But it worries me when I accidentally bump him or put a limp partially on top of him and he makes no complaint. What if I roll onto him in the night or something?

This morning I woke up and the kitties were curled up on either side of me, dozing and purring. It was brilliant.

I really need to practise tomorrow. I haven't since the last time I said I needed to practise. Oops.

OMG SO while driving with my family to day I heard both "Uprising" AND "Knights of Cydonia." SO. PUMPED. I was practically headbanging, with my mum and brother in the car. Honestly? Muse might be all I really need from pop music.

God I've been so tired today, and yet I've been typing this entry for nearly an hour. Priorities much? Gah.


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