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Right, sticky post and all that. I'm Sigma, and this is my "creative journal" (as opposed to my personal journal in which I complain a lot and tell uninteresting stories). I'm a musician, I am very shy on the internet, and lately I mostly lurk. I have been a writer of fanfic and a sketcher of fanart, both of which can be found here -- well. I'm working on the fanart, its appearance here depends on the size of the Heap Of Clutter that I pile on top of my desk (and scanner). Also, of late I have tried my hand at making icons.

Now: a Masterlist! Organized alphabetically by fandom, For Your Convenience :D

Angel )

Doctor Who )

Harry Potter )

In Plain Sight )

Inception )

Torchwood )

Other )
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Title: In Dreams
Author: Sigma ([ profile] sigmastolen)
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Rating: G
Summary: Buffy and Faith make a kind of peace, mid-Graduation Day part 2
Words: 100
Disclaimer: BTVS and characters thereof are property of Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy. No copyright infringement is intended; I'm merely playing, and making no profit.
Notes: This isn't really a thing; it just struck me while I was watching this episode and then it was 100 words so I took it as a sign.

'Take what you need,' Faith says. )
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Despite the fact that I am clearly not very good at this Photoshop thing (so bad at it, in fact, that the graphics editor I use isn't even Photoshop), I keep on trying. Here are some things I made and slapped on Tumblr. (meagre skills are meagre!)

1. Spike and Drusilla )

2. Lilah Morgan + Rihanna )

3. My magnum opus: Lilah Morgan in the Choke A Bitch picspam )


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