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Right, sticky post and all that. I'm Sigma, and this is my "creative journal" (as opposed to my personal journal in which I complain a lot and tell uninteresting stories). I'm a musician, I am very shy on the internet, and lately I mostly lurk. I have been a writer of fanfic and a sketcher of fanart, both of which can be found here -- well. I'm working on the fanart, its appearance here depends on the size of the Heap Of Clutter that I pile on top of my desk (and scanner). Also, of late I have tried my hand at making icons.

Now: a Masterlist! Organized alphabetically by fandom, For Your Convenience :D

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Here is the first batch of icons I made in 2011. Whee! As ever, please credit [ profile] sigmastolen if you use them, and drop me a line (feedback is love)!

TEASER: Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
Doctor Who 5.13 "The Big Bang" (mostly): 34 (Eleven, Amy, Rory, River (plus BONUS DALEK))
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I..... recently discovered that I can make icons. And that it's much easier and more immediately satisfying than turning fanfic over and over in my mind and never writing it.

And then I went crazy.

SO! Have a pile of Doctor Who icons from 5.12, The Pandorica Opens, and 5.13, The Big Bang. If you take any to use, please comment here and give me credit!

Doctor Who: 40 (Amy, Eleventh Doctor, River, Rory)
Photobucket Photobucket
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