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Right, sticky post and all that. I'm Sigma, and this is my "creative journal" (as opposed to my personal journal in which I complain a lot and tell uninteresting stories). I'm a musician, I am very shy on the internet, and lately I mostly lurk. I have been a writer of fanfic and a sketcher of fanart, both of which can be found here -- well. I'm working on the fanart, its appearance here depends on the size of the Heap Of Clutter that I pile on top of my desk (and scanner). Also, of late I have tried my hand at making icons.

Now: a Masterlist! Organized alphabetically by fandom, For Your Convenience :D

Angel )

Doctor Who )

Harry Potter )

In Plain Sight )

Inception )

Torchwood )

Other )
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I might be getting better at this graphics thing? Maybe?
Whatever, man.

I have learned some new tricks since my last forays into making graphics, and I felt like giving it another go. I had all these caps from Torchwood 2.01 "Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang" lying around, so I… did this:

Torchwood | 2.01 Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang
Captain Jack Harkness: What’s to fix? You don’t mess with this level of perfection.
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As the year comes to a close, I feel compelled to put all this out there... These are still primarily from 2.01, "Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang," as that's where I've stalled in my re-watch.

Torchwood: 29 (Team, Hart, Martha, Andy <3)
Also featuring lyrics by Amy Winehouse! Er. )
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Here are a handful of icons from the first ten minutes of 2.01 "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang."

Torchwood: 26 (Team! Yay!)
Blowfish inspired by Blowfish )
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More meagre offerings, I fear. Again, if you take any to use, please credit me and let me know!

NCIS: 6 (Ziva, Mortimer the guide dog puppy (and Abby))
Torchwood: 6 (Ianto)
Walt Disney Concert Hall: 1 (no, really. I mean it.)
Photobucket Photobucket
Everything is made from dreams )

Jones, Ianto Jones. )

At the corner of 1st and Grand... )


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