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One of my favorite things to do when I am bored (or procrastinating) is to look back at the titles of papers I have written, and laugh at how awesome/pretentious I am.  Some greatest hits:

How the World that Is Came to Be: Mythological Roots of Middle Earth
What do Revelling Fairies have to do with Anything?  An Analysis of the Metatheatrical Dimensions of A Midsummer Night's Dream
Bewitching Macbeth with Ambition: The Weïrd Sisters as Objective Correlative
Bushisms: Executive Neologistical Patterns
Rife with Rhetoric: Text Setting in Handel's Ode to St. Cecilia
A Sound Structure: Sonata Form in Haydn's String Quartet in G, Op. 64, No. 4
Schubert's "Gretchen am Spinnrade" vs. the Standards of Greatness, or, Nobody can ever be as good as Beethoven (this was extra sassy because I was really pissed about this class)
Bizet & Tchaikowsky, Nineteenth-Century Musical Isms, and the Panromanogermanic Bias
In Babylon, Gentle Voices Wail Their Sorrow: Schoenberg's Love Life and The Book of the Hanging Gardens
The Ceremony of Innocence is Drowned: Ambiguity, Homosexuality, and Exoticism in The Turn of the Screw (including section headings "Homosexuality in Britain" and "Homosexuality and Britten" because I like to think I'm clever)
Death and Disorder: The Sacrificial Victim in a Corrupt Community, and Why It Doesn't Work
Peter Grimes's Interludes: A Love Song
Renaissance Polyphony for the Modern Bassoonist: John Steinmetz's Sonata for Bassoon and Piano, II. Browning
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that 90s x-men cartoon, part the first )

that 90s x-men cartoon, part the second )

full disclosure time: most of my "classic" x-men knowledge probably came from this cartoon. i didn't buy the comics until middle school, and i have not by any stretch read a great deal of the "x-men canon". trufax.
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The semester is ending at last, and now it's crunch time for real. And yet, there's no sign of my usual sudden ability to get shit done at the last second. I don't know what it is, but my ability to focus on anything (except for playing bassoon, apparently) is nonexistent. I can't even concentrate on my distractions -- it's all, let's read something! let's draw! let's do the dishes! let's check schedules! let's watch music on youtube! let's look up song lyrics! let's wiki dead actors! let's read something else! let's have some tea! let's snack! let's draw! let's check facebook! let's fix some old drawings with hairspray so they don't smear any more! let's daydream about paper topics! let's sing! let's daydream about knitting! let's hug the cats! let's post to lj!

Just now I actually walked away from the computer in the middle of typing this and did something else for a minute. I'm on the verge of making myself a cocktail. Or drawing. Or something. I don't even know.

Maybe it's that the semester is so long? Maybe it's lulled me into complacency? Or am I just rationalizing my shortcomings, as usual?

let's talk about all the things that are about to screw me over! :D )

Also, today it has been pouring. It might snow later this week. WTF.

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After my second viewing, I can safely say that I liked it (shut up you guys, you know it's hard for me to tell with the HP films! I'm still flip-flopping on the fourth one!).

(FYI: I am in Chicago, spending the Thanksgiving holiday with my dad's cousins who live here! They're super cool. One has a baby named Malia who is pretty much the best thing ever: 1.5 years old, adorable, loves music, and so, so smart. She blows me away. Pictures later, maybe. Also: Today the two babyless cousins took me to the Art Institute of Chicago, which. Amazing. Pictures later, definitely. But omg my feet. And all this after an extremely fruitful two-hour shopping trip this morning -- things I now have: a winter coat (OH THANK GOD); warm, fuzzy, tall boots that actually fit my calves omg)

okay now the movie )

Things for which I am hoping in HP 7.2:
-- lots of flashbacks to cover all the plot they've skipped in the films so far
-- lots of flashbacks of young Snape & other grownups <3
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I have less than four hours to write a handful of journal entries for Eurhythmics (not a problem except for remembering what we did in each class), and a 5-page analytical paper on whether animal noises are music for Music an Nature (problematic, especially considering that I haven't read the relevant articles because I'm a lazy shit).

I have only myself to blame, for doing absolutely nothing the last five days except for playing bassoon and epically fucking around (oh, just one more chapter of this novel-length Inception fanfic) (oh, just one more episode of Battlestar Galactica). I still can't figure out why I do this to myself, except that I am, at the heart of things, a lazy shit.

Well at least the coffee's on now. Here goes nothing.


update - 9:40 a.m.

fuck how did the eurhythmics journals take forever? less that 1.5 hours now to hammer out 4-5 pages about animal noises, citing at least 4 articles which I have not read, using Chicago style which I have never really learned, only pretended to know.


also, i appear to be allergic to my own goddamn apartment again. FUCK EVERYTHING
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This story actually starts yesterday. Saturday I went to see the Pittsburgh Symphony play Beethoven 5 and some other stuff, and I was really keyed up still when I got home (OMG MOTIF! OMG SCHERZO!! OMG MY TEACHER IS SO FABUOUS!!!), so I stayed up late late. (btw, Saturday was v. busy, between practicing, having a lesson, getting an iPhone, and going to the Symphony. I pretty much spent the entire afternoon on buses, or waiting for buses. Which apparently tend not to run on time on Saturdays.) So then on Sunday I woke up about 8:30 or 9, later than I intended, and allergies were terrible so I fed the cats, had some tea and a couple spoonfuls of peanut butter (shut up, peanut butter rocks), and then napped from about 10:00 until 2:30. At that point, either the allergy meds had kicked in or the allergens had subsided, so I got up, had a shower, and made food (tea and grilled cheese and fried eggs. I ran out of Cheerios on Saturday, okay? I'm having to be creative about breakfast). I had wanted to go to DSW to find myself some closed-toed flats (because I don't have any right now and open-toed shoes are really not gonna cut it, very soon), but then the Port Authority website said there would be bus outages along the route I needed to take, so I decided that Fate was against me getting shoes, so instead I practiced for a few hours, then cooked some more (curry with tofu & egg over pasta because I can't find the goddamn rice in the grocery store, and cheesy bread allegedly for today's breakfast). And then I fucked around on the internet because, what do you know, it was midnight and I wasn't sleepy. And I wasn't sleepy. And I wasn't sleepy.

Around 2 I was like, I better go be in bed, because if I stay out here in the dining room I'll never sleep. And then I was lying in bed in the dark, still awake. And still awake. And still awake. Until 5 am.

At 5 I was finally, finally, kinda tired, so I thought, "one hour of sleep is better than no sleep; I'll nap until my alarm goes off at six! Because my 9 am rep class is doing Mendelssohn 3 and Brahms 4 today!"

And then at 9:12 I woke up to Baxter clawing my arm and crying for breakfast.

So I dashed off a quick text to Bassoonist P, my stand partner, took a fast shower, discovered it was raining, dug up my rainboots and a jacket and scarf, repacked my bag (because it got very unpacked this weekend while I was running errands), and dashed out to the bus. I arrived at class around 10:12 and followed along with Brahms 4 for about 5 minutes until they packed up, and then the professor teased me a little about needing a new alarm clock. And then he teased me some more about being late when I ran into him in the cafe (OMG BTW MY SCHOOL HAS A CAFE IN THE FINE ARTS BUILDING. THIS IS HOW IT'S DONE, PEOPLE. Because musicians and artists are probably the most caffeinated people on any given college campus ever).

So I practised for perhaps an hour because hey, we have lessons again today! And then I was hurriedly packing up to go to my noon class when Bassoonist P asked if I was leaving, and so I surrendered my practice room to him. Dashing out the building, I passed a couple other people who are also in my noon class, none of them in the same hurry I was. And yet I thought nothing of it. Until I walked halfway across campus to the building the class is in, and the lecture hall was dark and empty. And finally I was like, "crap. Did I miss a memo or something?" So then I checked my e-mail, and indeed, the professor had cancelled class. At 9:00 last night. And as much as it was definitely a case of me being as big a fuck-up as ever lived, it would have been nice of someone to say, "hey, you know class is cancelled, right?" while I was boogieing out of the CFA (college of fine arts)

So then I trudged back to the CFA and got chips and a bagel in the cafe and we're finally up to now.

Also, you guys:
Me: oh god why. what am i supposed to do with this?

The picture really doesn't do it justice. It is impressively crazy.
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. . . so I'm watching "Mystery of the Batwoman" on Netflix (a Batman: The Animated Series feature-length thing, I think -- or at least, it looks like the Batman I remember from my 90s childhood TV habits) and it appears that Bruce Wayne has a Kandinsky in his bedroom. Oh, 90s animators, you cared so much! <3

Exhibit A: Photobucket

Exhibit B: Kandinsky on Google Images. See for yourself!

(Shut up, guys, my dad's really into Kandinsky. We have prints in the living room.) (He's also really into Mondrian.) (. . . sometimes i like to pretend i know stuff about art, okay?)

Man, I miss the days when kids shows were quality. Kandinsky. Shit, son.

Here follows my running commentary. )
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Last night I joined for Netflix (the 31-day free trial, but I'll likely pay them their $10 a month afterwards). I have been signed up for less than 24 hours and I have already spent several hours browsing DVDs, rated 184 movies, added over 200 DVDs to my cue, and watched one movie on Instant Watch. THIS IS GOING TO DESTROY MY LIFE YOU GUYS.

Anyway. That movie was G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, and it was epically, hilariously bad. It was literally So Bad It's Good*. It is, in fact, the first example on the So Bad It's Good: Film* page. And if I'd known this, I would have watched it so much sooner -- except I probably wouldn't have appreciated it as much before this exact moment in my life. I mean, the hilariously improbable plot and relationships between the characters and stilted dialogue and slightly impossible action sequences, yes, but OMG THE CAST which includes: The Ninth Doctor as the Fake!Scottish Big Bad, Arthur as the Evil Disfigured Mad Scientist, Gaila as the Hero Chick, Darth Maul (or Toad if you prefer) as the Silent Masked Ninja Hero, Governor Swann as the POTUS, Sienna Miller as the Hot Mind-Controlled Villainess Who Happens To Be The Protagonist's Ex, A Wayans Brother as the Sidekick, A Victoria's Secret Angel as the Hot Secretary, and oh by the way Brendan Fraser in an uncredited cameo during the Training Montage*??? I just. What. How could I possibly resist this movie? We all know I often sort of love things that are bad. Like Torchwood. And Cheetos and Mountain Dew, together, during D&D. And John Barrowman's ACTING!!!

I guess to make amends for how hilariously bad this movie was, and for linking to TV Tropes and IMDB so much in the preceding paragraph, and because I feel obliged to counteract the potential of the G.I. Joe movie to be Joseph Gordon-Levitt's Dethroning Moment of Suck*, have a video! This may actually be JGL's Crowning Moment of Awesome*... performing "Make 'Em Laugh" while hosting SNL. Complete with pratfalls and wall kicks! AWESOME.

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1) xkcd #136, "Science Fair" (i mean who doesn't like a little cunnilingus in the morning?)

2) From today's xkcd, "The Carriage", the knowledge that "Because I could not stop for Death" can be sung to the tune of the Gilligan's Island theme. NOW IT WILL HAUNT YOU FOREVER TOO HAHAHAHAHA

3) From the Department of Haunting You Forever, Pierrot Lunaire Meets the Teletubbies (link goes to Facebook sry). Pierrot Lunaire is a piece by Arnold Schoenberg, and it's a little unintentionally creepy, because somehow sprechstimme, which is a kind of "sing-song" way of speaking, always sounds creepy in atonal music. And the Teletubbies are just frightening, especially in this video. I'd recommend watching this in the daytime or with the lights on, because it's one of the sickest and wrongest things I have ever seen on the internet.

4) An effort to repair your now-fractured psyche: John Barrowman singing! Well, it always makes me smile a big goofy fangirl smile.
- "Pretty Women" from Sweeney Todd, with Geogre Hearn
- "I Know Him So Well" from Chess, with Daniel Boys. Now, I don't know this song or this show, but someone in the comments used the words "Big Gay Key Change" and that just fills me with glee.
- "Sunset Boulevard" from, well, Sunset Boulevard. This is maybe my favourite thing I've watched on YouTube. I don't know this show, either (and tbh I don't know that I want to, necessarily -- oh ALW, my CATS phase was the last time I liked you), but I've seen the movie, and there's something really raw and cynical in the way he perform this that absolutely thrills me.
- "Anything Goes" from Cole Porter's eponymous musical, from the Torchwood Season 1 DVD extras. AAAAAHHHH SO MUCH LOVE FOR THIS. The set is a 1940's Cardiff dance hall, used in an episode, and he's in his costume as Captain Jack Harkness and omg it just makes me so happy eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

5) And finally, from the Department of Awesome, ASL's Lego Page. Because he and his friend re-create Escher drawings. Using LEGOS. WIN FOREVER, Y/Y?

edit;; oh hell, just have some embedded Barrowman. :D :D :D

Come to think of it, this might be part of my rabid I LOVE LOS ANGELES thing....
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It is 85 degrees in my bedroom. Why? Whyyyyyy??? :C

Okay, so lately I've been reading a great deal of Inception fanfiction. (The movie made an impact, okay? We all know that fic is my biggest vice. Bigger than booze, or shoes, or possibly even sloth.) Anyway.... is it dumb that I get annoyed when things about Los Angeles are wrong? Especially things about LAX. Which does not have any sort of tram. There are shuttle buses. But no trams. (i've spent a lot of time in the airport lately, okay? lots of airports, frankly. jesus.)

One of the biggest things I loved about Iron Man was that LA was right.

(also, I seriously had paroxysms of fangirly joy when I realised that one of the promo pics for Inception had been photographed downtown -- at an intersection of Hope and something else, which looks like it might be near the Music Center, but I just spent half an hour clicking around on Google Maps street view and damn if I can figure out where the fuck that picture is.)

My mum, before she left, said maybe Pittsburgh will be good for me, I was getting a little high strung. No, ma, I think I'm just crazy. And I love LA.
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You guys all know that fanfiction is perhaps my biggest vice, yes? More all-consuming even than booze or shoes (which RHYME OMG :D) and much more secret.

Most of the time when I have a deep attraction to a book, movie, or television show, I seek out fic. Inception was pretty much love at first sight (after it finished breaking my brain) and clearly since it opened there has been a veritable explosion of fannish activity, very much including fic. The Inception Anonymous Kink Meme, however, is so far disappointingly vanilla. Misspelled poetry? Not very kinky. "how x met y" ? Also not kinky. Saccharine fluff? Definitely not kinky. Somnophilia, genderbending, BDSM are all go, but what is with all the schmoop? Get it out of the kink meme. I don't inherently have a problem with vanilla fluff, but it belongs in some other, vanilla, fluffy comm. GAH, HONESTLY. To see what a proper kink meme is like, check out [ profile] sizeofthatthing, [ profile] kinky_torchwood, and [ profile] touchyerwood.  Because Whoniverse fen are PRO at kink.  kthx.
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I think Inception broke my brain.

The world always feels a little too bright, a little unreal when I leave a movie theatre. To have this happen when the entire movie has been about reality, or the lack thereof, is difficult to handle.

I have friends who are fascinated by lucid dreaming. I haven't remembered any of my dreams in months, maybe years.

At the end, all I wanted to do was cry for a long time.

eta 11 aug 12:48-ish

omg i love the internet. it has everything! because the arthur/eames was so obvious, and there are almost 400,000 google hits.


Jul. 4th, 2010 01:17 am
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because I fail at doing anything right now, including making a real LJ post, responding to intelligent comments, and reading for my classes.

Go to
Look up your name
Post the first definition it gives you

but oh god here's ALLLLL of them because LOLWTF (also, as a blanket application for the rest of this post: [sic])

1. Sumner
That guy at school that everyone wants to get with guys girls even teachers he is just so sexy and fucking boss you cant ever fucking touch that kid
Sumner is such a fucking man love i just want to coress

2. Sumner
Sumner's are grangorgeous girls who frolic with gnomes in magical rain-forests in the mountains of Saskatchewan and devour the souls of oompa loompas. She has the ability to turn anything she touches into instant pixie dust; which when snorted makes you shrink 1.337 inches exactly. Sumner's also carry a scent of Uberpixel, which is concocted from Smurf toes, Muppet fuzz, and leftover Lamb Chop hand puppets which when combined smell like Jesus with a hint of chocolate.
"I was on 'The Price Is Right' last week but Drew Carey threw me off stage when I accidentally quoted a Sumner for $50,000,000.. when the correct amount was priceless."

3. Sumner
A small, but groing, suburban town in southern/mid-southern Washinton State...USA
I was in Sumner last weekend... It kinda sucked!

4. sumner
Gordon Sumner is the legendary frontman of the band the police
Yo dude, Gordon Sumner and the Police rock!

(oh god, the best part about the last one is that the tags were don't, stand, so, close, to, me)


Jun. 30th, 2010 09:19 am
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so i think i just had a sex dream with Thirteen and Chase. Uh.


eta;; so.... probably Chase. Maybe Wilson? The thing is, it was definitely Thirteen, though she not as involved in the actual sex, but she was definitely there and touching me and watching. And I don't remember who the man was. Possibly a faceless man with a niiiiiice package. So. What does that mean?? Specifically about my sexuality, really. (Less relevantly, the principals from House and I were taking some kind of trip through a desert in an outsize silver-twinkie RV.)
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For your viewing pleasure, a set of moderately NSFW but mostly funny Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory icons. Hah. I think #31 is my favourite.

In other news, I still fail at Gettin' Shit Done. ... whoops.


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