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Epic Audition Extravaganza: The Completed List
1. PACT: Do Not Want, Wednesday night panic, Muscle Spasm awesomesauce, Granola Bars FAIL, probable overpacking
2. LAX: Terminal 6 does not appear to have a theme... but does have plants, sausage sandwich, sitting and waiting, I change my wallpaper when I'm bored apparently
3. Midair: Continental serves Bombay Sapphire (which is a bigger point in its favour than it should be considering I don't generally imbibe on airplanes and especially not when I have to do something important the next day) and experiments with biofuels, sleeping through lunch, Renee Zellweger is Not Pretty, Houston is verdant.
4. IAH: many sprawling terminals, rude cart drivers, extremely localized food, assholes at chili's, Apple Fritters are NOT Apple-Filled, changing gates OMG: I am not amused; many outlets; many running people (I feel this is a sign that the layout here is ineffective); no dinosaurs here either; waiting forever to board
5. Midair: teeny jet, smashed finger, eager-to-please flight attendant, sleeping, omg my ears
6. Greensboro --> Winston-Salem: Awkward driver, Historic Hotel is Actually Posh (pictures!), These Boots: Made Foar Walkin
7. UNCSA: Disjunct practise rooms, Air Travel Fiasco Part the First, The Audition (so-so), Oon Bonding: Lunch, The Interview, Oon Bonding: Coffee (which I had to regretfully decline)
8. Winston-Salem --> Greensboro: These Boots: No Moar Walkin Pls, Automated Phone Systems Suck, Chatty Driver
9. GSO: Ticket Fiasco Part the Second (OMG OMG OMG)
10. Midair: Sunset Sandwich, SO MUCH SNOW
11. PHL: How do they get the snow off of so much tarmac?, still (miraculously) on time, very convenient clocks everywhere (yes, this is notable), classical music (Quiet City :) ), CNN: "Monster Nor'easter"
12. Midair: PROPELLOR PLANE OMG, de-icing fluid, fucking loud, uncomfortably warm cabin, uncomfortably warm dude (why must you choose to sit next to me?), dumbfuck lady behind me (worthless human being)
13. EWR: wtf soliciting taxis inside baggage claim (TSA should make them gtfo), the clear deterioration of my mood (stressed? tangry? hangry?), muscle spasm: reprise, I just found a dust bunny under my keyboard cover wtf
14. New Brunswick: Meeting Zach's friends, cosmos, hangover, New Brunswick is charming, snow makes things pretty (and ice makes them slippery), orchestra concert, Houlihan's and bassoon-related desperation, fastest audition turnaround EVAR, sleepover!, omg the snoring (how does your girlfriend stand you?), breakfast or lack thereof (two granola bars and a tangerine, which has less of a ring to it than "two turntables and a microphone"), snow is cute!
15. Onna Train: easy-peasy, so sleepy, Not the Closest Stop to Temple
16. Temple: only arriving 15 minutes before means I can't overtire my chops in the practise room :D, The Audition (I think it went well but man am I awkward. Also, no "do you have any questions?" wtf)
17. Wandering Philadelphia with my Bassoon: The Broad Street Line (and the rude ticket booth attendant), Avenue of the Arts, Curtis, Rittenhouse Square, Walnut Street (H&M + Steve Madden = Temptation), classy ladies eat at McDonald's, City Hall and the Love Statue (pictures!), The Blue Line (one stop haha but it's better than walking 8 blocks), serendipitously convenient timing
18. Onna Train Again: still easy, still sleepy.
19. New Brunswick: walking distance ftw, awkward ride offer, naptiems, Fat Sandwiches, The Hangover
20. Monday: seriously dude chill the fuck out, Coldstone :D, No Restrooms Anywhere, Spontaneous Audition is Spontaneous!, I hate paperwork, train, subway, Hot Dogs Are Delicious, Lincoln Center is Pretty, OMG THE MET (Barber of Seville; can I work here please?), Deacon Brody's, RUN RUN RUN, embarrassing stories are embarrassing!
22. Tuesday: sitting around, OCD suitcase management, Tiny Professor is Tiny, New York Adventure! (train, subway, Mannes, rehearsing with Raphael, aimless wanderings, Roomie!, chilling with Paula: YMCA, Dinner (Peter's), Cupcakes (Magnolia), missing the train), margaritas (likely ill-advised), The Rite of Spting
23. Wednesday: Toaster Oven FAIL, New York Adeventure! (bus, train, Penn Station is Still Confusing, the 81st St. subway station is the prettiest (PICTURES)), The Audition (Mozart I, Berceuse, Alan Fox), aimlessly wandering the Upper West Side (eggplant parmesan in Central Park (PICTURES!)), Museum of Natural History (Birds! Dinosaurs! how the hell do I leave? no time for rocks, space :c (MORE PICTURES!)), omg my feet, The Music Theory Battery, train, dinner and much wine and Beatles Rock Band
24. Thursday: mild oversleeping (still with time to organizedly re-re-pack), train, EWR (Dunkin' Donuts outside security but not inside? FOUL DECEITFULTEMPTRESS, No Freaking Outlets), Onna Plane (crosswords, sleeping), PHX (WTF weird random hills GTFO, CPK :D, No Freaking Outlets Again), Onna Plane (sniffles, boredom, sudoku), LAX (fuckers don't know how to drive), home again home again (kitties! disgusting hair! sleeping!), apartment (ugh just go the fuck to bed)
25. Friday: Reasons I Hate Flatmate (huge mess, coffee grinds, coffee pot, garbage disposal, fridge takeover), SCSBOA Festival (these shoes: not made foar walkin), Contempo Flux, Napa, home again home again

Also!! My car has a passenger-side mirror again. Yay :)
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I was meant to be either packing or doing homework right now, both of which I forgot about for approximately the past hour and suddenly remembered as I decided to write this post. Ugh. Sooo much packing to do. And so much homework. And I'm sooooooooo tired. Also, I kind of despair of ever getting caught up with explicating my "here's what I want to remember to post about" lists. But! I have 2 things:

1) So remember how my passenger-side mirror was duct-taped on? (in case I didn't actually mention that... well, it was.)
It's not anymore.
It fell off my car the other day. While I was driving 50 mph on the 405. So no, I didn't stop and fetch it. It's gone. It was very sad. No, really, I almost cried.
It had been rainy, and then it was really hot, and I think maybe the adhesive melted or something.
Imma try to get my parents to get it fixed while I'm away on my Final Epic Audition Extravaganza.

2) Driving to school this morning, I was behind a Nissan from a dealership in Hemet (or so proclaimed the license plate frame), and I was overcome with nostalgia for Idyllwild and stargazing and "our" traffic light in Hemet -- the one we could see from the Other Point, and which we watched change colours for ages.
Dear Oon Mafia,
I miss us. Can we be 16 again pls?


Jan. 4th, 2010 01:14 am
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1. WTF, my friends page, you really only go back to 60 entries ago? *is dismayed*

2. OH BTW so my car broke like, the day after i got home to LB. I had forgotten something vital at my flat, and was refuelling in order to go back and get it, but my brake pedal was not braking. So my mum drove with me up to my flat that night, and the next day the 'rents took my car to our mechanic and he had to replace the main cylinder, which is apparently in charge of my brakes working? Anyway, it's operational again, although apparently I need to clean the heads on the tape deck, which is super annoying to do.

3. the seasonal Lindor truffles that were milk on the outside, white on the inside, were AMAZING if your stores still have them you should snap those fuckers up! My ralph's is apparently out but I might check at rite aid or other places even... the ones i originally had came from target, I think

4. the rose parade always makes me remember how much i love horses

5. i also don't know when i'm going to be able to work in the library this quarter. yaaaay!
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Every time I see a blue porto-john, my first thought is, TARDIS!!!

The disappointment is crushing.


Yes, this is me, procrastinating. Things I should be doing right now, in order of urgency:
- typing last few essay questions/repertoire lists for apps
- submitting apps
- e-mailing credential colleagues to see if I can buy a constitution study guide off someone (both B&N and Borders had none when Mum and I checked this weekend :c)
- putting away the enormous heap of clean clothes that is currently occupying my entire bed so that I can sleep
- preparing mentally and emotionally for the Return Of Busywork Class
- preparing for Short Team Teaching Activity for Busywork Class
- preparing to finally do the practicum for Busywork Midterm (I don't actually know if I'll be doing this tomorrow but I should probably be prepared anyway)
- ripping the two new CDs I got this weekend to my computer, so I can put them on the iPOS (Muse: The Resistance and Paramore: Brand New Eyes. zomg so much win)
- posting pictures of (1) my New Unflattering Haircut and (2) my new shoes because Mum and I also went to DSW this weekend


What I did this long weekend (in close-to-chronological order?):
- drove self, cats, and fish to LB
- exclaimed profusely over cats & their antics in my parents' house
- realised suddenly that Ducky is bigger (taller & longer) than Baxter (who I still think weighs more, but Mum disagrees. I wouldn't have realised anything at all if she hadn't pointed it out, though)
- made two (2) pumpkin pies
- overate at my aunt's house
- went to bed waaaaay early (Thursday AND Friday, wtf?)
- wrote several personal statements, and several more variants thereon
- whined a lot about apps
- had massive, massive sniffles. (just really bad allergies, I hope -- not another virus)
- re-taped my passenger side mirror to my car (the original duct tape was slipping and the mirror was flopping a little, okay?)
- did not shop! ... much. No, seriously, the only shopping I did was at DSW and at Borders (I didn't buy anything at B&N because I was too disappointed with them for having neither the constitution study guide, nor the CDs I wanted)
- got mah eyebrows did
- got new aquarium for Huw, since Baxter is a naughty kitty and nearly murdered him on Wednesday
- submitted application to University of North Carolina School of the Arts (ironically, this one is due on 4 December and not 1 December. I AM A WINNAR)
- drove self, cats, fish, and new shoes back to apartment
- settled cats and fish
- got sloshed and watched telly instead of doing more apps (omg, NCIS:LA!!! I shouldn't like you so much! I feel like I'm cheating on actual NCIS with its slutty, hanger-on spinoff! One does not simply cheat on Leroy Jethro Gibbs! but, Edna Mode! LL Cool J/Chris O'Donnell! Eric the cute techie has a cruuuuusssshhhh on Abby! STOP MAKING ME LIKE YOU, SPINOFF!)
- woke up early and went grocery shopping but definitely did not start running again :(
- taught bassoon lesson
- practised bassoon (today was the first time since Wednesday, oops)
- performed culinary experiments instead of doing more apps
- dressed up pretty and went to an awesome concert with Violist P (we got comp tix from our Grammy-award-winning-pianist Contemporary Music Prof, yay!)
- came home and undressed and removed make-up and proceeded to procrastinate via LJ.


Also, my tummy feels a little queasy. Whyyyyyyyyyyyyy?
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1. FUCK CHRYSLERS. No, seriously. People who drive Chryslers CAN'T DRIVE. I can't decide if they're dicks, like Escalade drivers, or if they're just FUCKING IDIOTS. Tonight, getting onto the 405, I got stuck behind a Town & Country that was going, like, 20mph on the onramp. THE ONRAMP WHICH HAD NO ONE ELSE IN FRONT OF HIM BECAUSE HE WAS GOING SO DAMN SLOW. And, as icing on the cake, he signalled during the curve. WHERE THE FUCK ELSE ARE YOU GOING TO GO? THERE ARE NO INTERSECTIONS AND NO OTHER LANES YET. (As a side note, I'm getting into a habit of revving my engine to express my displeasure, and it's really bad for my gas mileage.) And then. AND THEN!! I was getting OFF the 405 and I was behind a Chrysler 300. AND IT ALSO SIGNALLED ON THE CURVE. And the worst part? The 300 DID NOT SIGNAL at the ACTUAL FUCKING INTERSECTION, where it turned right, and it DIDN'T EVEN TURN INTO THE CORRECT GODDAMN LANE. FUCK CHRYSLERS. Also, PT Cruisers are BUTTFUCK UGLY, even when they're not that HIDEOUS burnt orange colour, and IMPOSSIBLE TO SEE PAST.

2. So I almost had a panic attack at the beginning of orchestra today. It was awesome. I got spontaneously overwhelmed by the amount of shit that I don't have together: long-overdue midterm stuff, project due by the end of today (mostly done now), group project for busywork class FOR WHICH SHE DID NOT EVEN TELL US WHAT TO DO THEN DECLARED THAT SINCE SHE WAS ABSENT YESTERDAY WE HAVE TO E-MAIL THE ASSIGNMENT TO HER BY 5PM THURS AND SHE STILL HASN'T ACTUALLY TOLD US WHAT WE ARE SUPPOSED TO DO, short orchestra lesson probably Thurs am, two "first lessons" duedate unknown, reading for tonight and for Thurs am that I am not done with, scheduling group project meeting, scheduling chamber rehearsals, scheduling a coaching with a (grown-up!) composer whose bassoon-bass duo we are giving a west coast premiere!!, trying to find time to practise because i have OMG SO MUCH MUSIC TO LEARN, continuously back-burnering things that I Need To Do for the credential program, and OH YEAH GRAD SCHOOL. I was seriously fidgety and twitchy and hyperventilating and I almost cried or screamed or ran away, for about the first 20 minutes of orchestra and the 20 minutes beforehand... Except then I had to breathe deeply so that I could play contrabassoon, and eventually I got a grip. FUN TIMES, THOUGH.

3. Funny story actually, but I am a bitch: There's this asian chick in the socio-politi-cultural education class who Fails At Eyeshadow. No, I'm serious. She uses a really pale silvery-blue on her lids, then she puts this super-heavy black line in the crease of her eyelids that connects to both corners, and she doesn't make any effort to blend it whatsoever. She does this EVERY WEEK, presumably EVERY DAY, and it looks HIDEOUS. We've (the music contingent) muttered about wanting to fix her eye makeup on numerous occasions. Anyway, one of the other guys made a comment about sororities and how the greek system is really homogeneous and really white, and she piped up something like, "I just want to correct you on that generalization, because I was the face of [her college sorority]. We're not all white and blonde and identical." And all I could think was, "Really? You were in a sorority -- the 'face of your sorority,' (whatever that means) no less, and NOBODY taught you how to do eye shadow for grows-ups?" See, I told you I'm a bitch.

4. OMG BUT THEN as I was leaving the education class, just outside the building I saw this green thing on the ground and I stopped and looked and it was a PRAYING MANTIS and I took PHOTOS of it and it was in the middle of EATING A CRICKET!!!! So I'll put those up probably tomorrow because it was WAY COOL.

Okay, off I go for dinner and homework.
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I really should be working on that ed project right now but instead I'm kind of... de-braining via internet. Because today contained about 5 hours of bassoon-and-contrabassooning (wind ensemble + Mozart sectional + playing through Mahler so my fingers re-learn it) and it completely wiped me out. Seriously. I'm staying home from my 8-11 class tomorrow morning (so I can drag my ass to campus for rehearsal at 11 instead), and I'd better get some of this project done in that time, but I'm not holding out much hope because omg I feel like death right now, and that's after I've been at home hiding in my room for two hours doing nothing productive at all, so I have no idea when I'll be up and running tomorrow. I promise after this post I'll buckle down and work on it, I will. Because I suppose I can't really count on getting anything done on it tomorrow night after the concert, which I'm sure will effectively finish me off, following as it will on the heels of 5 hrs rehearsal + 2 hrs work.

Just took my temperature -- 97.8 degrees. Haven't taken any kind of anti-inflammatory since 5pm. Should I be worried? Or is that within the realm of daily temperature fluctuations? It seems quite low to me. Then again, I've been sitting still and my room is quite cold (but turning on the heater makes the air too dry for comfortable breathing)

Flatmate apparently just took some time to go through the fridge and actually get rid of food she doesn't plan to eat/has allowed to go bad. Asked if there was anything I wanted to get rid of with her stuff. No, because I don't buy/cook 3x as much food as I can eat and then forget about it for a month in the fridge because I buried it haphazardly under new groceries. Seriously. One shouldn't need refrigerator space that is greater than the volume of one's own body. And while Flatmate is definitely not slender, she ain't that big. (Chrissake, she's probably not even five feet tall. That itself eliminates a lot of potential volume.)

Another thing that bugs me -- Okay, I get that she has to move the seat so that her feet reach the pedals when she has to move my car, because I am 5'6" and she is 4'something-less-than-12". But does she really need to change the rearview mirror every damn time? I don't change her mirror when I move her car. I turn around and look the fuck behind me. Christ. Sometimes when I am really hacked off, I adjust her seat, rearview mirror, and steering wheel. Because I am a bitch. I really hate tandem parking. And I really hate that Flatmate's car makes obnoxious noises and that it always takes me at least two tries to throw the damn thing into reverse because her transmission is fucked.

Also my feet are freezing despite socks & a blanket, and I am motherfucking hungry because I haven't had dinner yet but I didn't want to have to interact with Flatmate while she was puttering around the kitchen and living room.

Being sick also increases my levels of aggression and misanthropy, apparently.


@ 23:49
Since I'm clearly not done fucking around on LJ for the night, and I still haven't eaten anything and I still don't want to work on my damn project, can I complain about the Mozart sectional today?
- Second Oboe (who I already knew to be a Big Fucking Flake because I had to be in a scholarship quintet with her for over a year) said she would be available at 5:15, but apparently she actually had a midterm. And then she didn't send an e-mail about it until about 3:30 TODAY, when three of the remaining four of us were already in a large ensemble rehearsal. Which, btw, goes until 5:00, so when that was over we pretty much went directly to the appointed sectional room and set ourselves up. (the remaining member didn't get the e-mail either, because she was on a bus on her way to campus. btw the sectional was the ONLY reason for her to go to school today.) My Favourite Oboist saved the day, though, by offering to sit in and fill out the chords when Maestro encountered her in the hallway. Honestly, we were both laughing inside because it was so classic and finally other people are realising Second Oboe's flakiness. But still. Now we'll have to go back and re-check the tuning and balance sometime tomorrow, because of Second Oboe's FAIL.
- New Master's Bassoonist is good, and I like her a lot, but she has now had a month to learn the tendencies of her shiny new Fox 601. She shouldn't still be having problems like Being Sharp All The Time. She should be at the point where she knows how to adjust her reeds to the new horn so that her setup is in tune.
- And then the ENTIRE rest of the sectional consisted of Maestro walking Faily Sophomore Flute through the bajillion things she has to do to pull her weight in an orchestra wind section, such as: tune octaves with the oboe, tune unisons with the oboe, blend with the oboe, balance to the oboe, count rests correctly, come in correctly, adjust the intonation if it sounds wrong at first, play in time with the solo piano's subdivisions, balance to the solo piano, match articulations with the rest of the section, and OH YEAH PLAY IN TUNE. I fail to see why Maestro put her inexperienced ass on this piece. SHE IS THE EPICENTER OF SO MUCH FAIL. Actually, I'm pretty sure that if he had known beforehand that it would take this much hand-holding, he would have put someone else on the part. SOMEONE WITH LESS FAIL, MY GOD.
- Also, my ears were really stuffy and it apparently made me unable to hear the upper harmonics of my notes, so I had massive intonation paranoia, but apparently the only problems I had that Maestro corrected were with my top space G, which is SharpSharpSharp. And then I overcorrected because I couldn't hear where the note was resonating properly because I couldn't hear the upper harmonics. I really hope my tone wasn't as stuffy from outside my head as it sounded from inside my head.

As a SPECIAL BONUS, I had sound sensitivity during wind ensemble, which makes me have paranoia about whether my ear infection is cleared up or not. Or maybe it's just that the trumpets who sit behind me are too DOUCHEBAGGY to aim their bells around/past my head, rather than at it. And I also apparently picked the Wrong Distance to sit from the horn-player-next-to-me's bell -- I suspect that I would have been getting a lot less SOUND-IN-THE-FACE! had I been either closer or farther away.

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- four hours of bad-quality video to watch (srsly one of them was so damaged that the screen blanked out every few seconds and the audio was wavering ALLLLLLL over the place. WTF BUSYWORK TEACHER YOU WANT US TO LEARN ABOUT CHORAL TEACHING BY NOT BEING ABLE TO SEE OR HEAR THE CLASS?)
- "video review" that contributes to a 30% chuck of the final grade, for which we have NO GUIDELINES WHATSOEVER THANKS FOR THAT
- five (+ about four more that were SEKRITLY STAPLED TOGETHER) articles (admittedly short) to read
- ONE-PARAGRAPH SUMMARIES of aforementioned articles (which I have not done and have very little intention to)
- random-ass songs to learn and analyse vowels of? I DON'T EVEN KNOW.


3. DEAR WEATHER, WTF R U DOIN? It was cold and rainy, and then it was hot and muggy and today was foggy-but-superbright and then I was inside all day and then it was cold and I actually needed to use the heater in the car this evening. What??

4. Note to self: YOU CAN'T PEEL OUT WHEN IT'S RAINING. YOU DON'T HAVE ENOUGH TRACTION FOR THAT. It's okay, though, it happened each time within the first 3 minutes I was driving and none of them were situations that required peeling out and there were no crashes or anything and then after it happened I remembered to accelerate more slowly.

5. ... I don't really know but I feel like there should be a 5. Look for a future post about Star Trek waffles? YES THEY EXIST THIS IS TRUFAX. I sort of wonder how Zoe Saldana feels about people eating her face on waffles. For that matter, also Chris Pine and Zach Quinto (<3 <3 <3)


7. I keep forgetting that having an ear infection is in fact "being sick" -- I run around doing all the things I would normally do and since I'm not coughing or sneezing or feverish or achy or nauseous, I don't actually consider it "being sick" except for the part where my ear sometimes feels funny/painful and I have to take MASSIVE HORSE PILLS three times a day. Except I keep spontaneously sleeping. On the couch in front of the TV, dozing lightly in the library in front of the VCR setup (I HATE YOU BUSYWORK CLASS), taking 3-hour naps in my parents' living room... Well, maybe that's not so unusual -- I tend to fall asleep/take extravagant naps every time I go home, it seems. But still. It's also waaay too hard to get up in the mornings. THANKS BUT NO THANKS, EAR INFECTION.

8. At least I don't have 'flu like my brother. Yeah, apparently today he has a 100-degree fever and coughing. GET YOUR FLU SHOTS, KIDS. Swine flu and seasonal flu. (o btw I was definitely misinformed about the whole "swine flu is the only flu active in the u.s." thing -- there is ALSO regular old seasonal influenza and you should DEFINITELY get flu shots for both kinds k? some of my family from norcal has already had both kinds this fall.)

9. Oh! So, I glimpsed DIAF through the door in a rehearsal for one of the youth orchestras that uses our facilities. And I, like, wanted to get mad and hurt, or I tried to, or something... but then I realised that I don't care enough to get hurt and I don't have the energy for it and, you know what? That felt good. I still kind of wanted to key his car. I didn't, though -- I wanted to go home and eat dinner more. More good, yeah? Heh.

10. My grandma has a guava tree in her back yard and it has FRUIT and some of them are RIPE and so yesterday when we were at her house for lunch my mum and I went out and picked guavas!! And persimmons! (OMG SO MANY PERSIMMON. SO MANY.) I LOVE GUAVAS. I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT GUAVAS. THEY SMELL SO GOOD. AND OMG SO TASTY. I HAVE SO MANY GUAVAS. GUAVAS ARE LOVE. (corrolary: my family is love. SO MUCH LOVE.)

11. This business of being too busy for life sucks a lot, not least because it is making all of my LJ entries freakin' ENORMOUS. OH MY GOD INTERNET I MISS YOU SO MUCH
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So, I managed to... sideswipe my passenger-side mirror off. Against a concrete pillar. While backing out of my parking spot on my way to work today. Driving was weird -- apparently the passenger-side mirror isn't legally required, but being without it was a little like missing a limb. No, not a limb, exactly, but maybe like missing a finger or something. So I took surface streets and was late to work, but at least I didn't shift lanes into another car on the 405 and die or anything. I'm gonna get duct tape or something at the student store before I leave campus, and reattach it.

I figure the reason y'all put up with the amount I complain is that I tell you about the idiotic things I do and let you laugh?

Ummm, other things of maybe-relevance...
And somehow this became an EPIC RAMBLE. Oops. )

Hey, why is it that when girls tell you they're drunk, they always sound... troubled, or apologetic, or distressed -- like it's a big problem that they're drunk? Not all women do this, I mean, but it's something I've noticed as exclusive to females -- I've never heard a guy whine, "I'm a little bit drunnnnnk," like it's a problem he wants you to fix. Guys usually sound more casual about it, or happy. What really amuses me are the people who tell you they're drunk like they're confiding some big secret. If you're drunk enough to be telling people you drunk and thinking that everyone can't tell, it's pretty damn obvious you're drunk. It makes me laugh.

And finally, squeaking in just minutes before the library closes, is the song I have had stuck in my head all damn day:

Violent Femmes
Blister in the Sun

When I'm a walking, I strut my stuff, then I'm so strung out
I'm high as a kite, I just might, stop to check you out

Let me go on, like a blister in the sun
Let me go on, big hands I know you're the one

Body and beats, I stain my sheets, I don't even know why
My girl friend, she's at the end, she is starting to cry

Let me go on, like a blister in the sun
Let me go on, big hands I know you're the one

When I'm a walking, I strut my stuff, then I'm so strung out
I'm high as a kite, I just might, stop to check you out
When I'm a walking, I strut my stuff, then I'm so strung out
I'm high as a kite, I just might, stop to check you out
Body and beats, I stain my sheets, I don't even know why
My girl friend, she's at the end, she is starting to cry
When I'm a walking, I strut my stuff, then I'm so strung out
I'm high as a kite, I just might, stop to check you out

Let me go on, like a blister in the sun
Let me go on, big hands I know you're the one

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So! Since I'm stuck here, I took my brother to see District 9. It was very powerful. I liked it a lot. I think my brother cried, actually, which was very surprising. MOVIE STUFF. spoilers maybe? )

Anyway, it is time for stories! Tonight: The Catastrophe of Lunch. long irritated story! )
Anyway, the new plan is to take my car to get the tire fixed first thing tomorrow, because the tire was brand new and my da couldn't even find the hole in it, and I will with luck be able to get to my apartment in time to shower, change, and go to work. I remain dissatisfied with this situation. I especially am upset about not being able to practise. And I miss my computer. And I was feeling a little bit nauseated during the movie and I don't know if it was because of a character being sick, or if I'm ill, or what. >:(


Aug. 16th, 2009 06:13 pm
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so i'm stuck in LB until tomorrow morning because my car got a flat during the catastrophe of trying to get to lunch today. storytiem about THAT later; dinnertiem now.

other things so i will remember that not all of today is for whining:
- repotted basil. win? I hope it doesn't get shocky.
- i can has breath control/i can has lung capacity. I must assume that I was only having trouble because it was really smoky/hazy that day.
- dinner: london broil. my mother ftw
- lunch with good friends :)
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Agh. My computer had a fight with Safari this morning! It was "Not Responding" so I had to force it to quit and the next time I tried to be on the internet (after restarting my computer, by the way) it wouldn't load the page and, in fact, became "Not Responding" again. So I forced it to quit again (I waited forever, too, because I know it doesn't like it when I do it that way), and hopefully things will be resolved this evening, after spending the afternoon shut down. I'm so unimpressed, though. If my laptop keeps having tantrums, I may bite the bullet and get a shiny new one -- I've been resisting that path because I'm so terribly attached to the one I've been using, but its utility has been decreasing pretty steadily of late. It would be nice to have something without dents and with a working disc drive. I hate change, though. Dissatisfied Sigma is dissatisfied.

But! My car came back from the shop, finally, and it seems happy. And dinner last night was at [ profile] malikamalisha's house, cooked by her gourmet chef bf, and it was delicious: salad and pasticcio and tiramisu and many bottles of wine. And I left another message for the woman who has my kittens, and hopefully they will be coming home with me soon.

The tic below my eye is back, though, and it's freakin me out.
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Could not sleep last night. Ugh.

Not until practically 8 in the morning, when I should have been up eating breakfast, did I actually feel sleepy... so at that point I took the 2 hours of sleep that I could, and skipped the errands I had planned. Well, mostly -- I didn't make it to the drugstore to see if they would develop my cameras, but after I figured out that I'd be late to work anyway (forgot my student ID to get cheap cheap bus fare in my apartment, but after I'd gone back for it, it turned out that the cheap cheap student bus fare only applies during the year. fail), I dropped by the post office to mail a letter and buy one-cent stamps on my way to the bus.

The reason I'm taking the bus, by the way, is that my car is in the shop. My car has been in the shop for nine days. We, in fact, dropped my car off at the shop before we left for Maui, with the understanding that when we returned to California yesterday, they would have finished working on my car. Not so, apparently. We called yesterday morning and they assured us it would be finished by the end of the day. So then we called a bit before they closed and they assured us it was nearly done and that they would call when it was. They did not call. So then my mum had to drive me to my apartment last night, and whenever my car is ready to be picked up (hopefully today!) she will have to drive back and pick me up so that I may drive myself back again. This is absurd. And highly inconvenient.
Dear Norm's,
You've been good to my car in the past but this is Not Okay. I need my car back.

The bus was interesting, though. I like walking places in my new environs, and I found out that I don't even have to go all the way to the end of the street to get to the post office (which is across the alleyway from my bedroom window, BTW -- or at least the top of it's parking is, and post office employees drive loudly in the mornings), because the customer lot has an entrance on the alley and I can just walk through from there to the inside. Cool! And the bus stops pretty close to my building, about three blocks up and one or two over. And a cute boy sat by me: tall, lanky, glasses, auburn dreads. Flatmate (and probably [ profile] malikamalisha as well) would scold me for not trying to chat him up or something, but I do find that it's nice to just smile on the inside.

So, errands and practising this evening and tomorrow, and hopefully this evening I will be able to get my car back as well.


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