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Dear Eighth Grade Me,

on body image )
Don't let the bullies get you down. Don't let moving away from Davis keep you away from horses & your bike. Keep in touch with your friends, they are good people and they love you and you love them. And for the love of god learn to dress yourself in shirts that aren't plaid and oversized, and stop wearing all that cheap jewelery.

Grad-School You.

Meme Time!

Jan. 21st, 2011 09:39 pm
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... I really wanted to write "Tiem!" in the subject, as is my custom, but I couldn't resist the "--me --me!" pattern. :/


• Go to Wikipedia and hit random. The first random Wikipedia article you get is the name of your band.
• Go to and hit random. The last four or five words of the very last quote of the page is the title of your first album.
• Go to flickr and click on explore the last seven days. Third picture, no matter what it is, will be your album cover.
• Use photoshop or similar to put it all together. Post it with this text in the caption.


If you don't have a graphics editor, the one I use is Seashore. I'm not sure how intuitive the new version, 0.5.1, is, but I found version 0.1.9, the latest stable version, really easy to learn and use. The main thing, of course, is that I'm cheap and Seashore is free. [/software plug]
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This story actually starts yesterday. Saturday I went to see the Pittsburgh Symphony play Beethoven 5 and some other stuff, and I was really keyed up still when I got home (OMG MOTIF! OMG SCHERZO!! OMG MY TEACHER IS SO FABUOUS!!!), so I stayed up late late. (btw, Saturday was v. busy, between practicing, having a lesson, getting an iPhone, and going to the Symphony. I pretty much spent the entire afternoon on buses, or waiting for buses. Which apparently tend not to run on time on Saturdays.) So then on Sunday I woke up about 8:30 or 9, later than I intended, and allergies were terrible so I fed the cats, had some tea and a couple spoonfuls of peanut butter (shut up, peanut butter rocks), and then napped from about 10:00 until 2:30. At that point, either the allergy meds had kicked in or the allergens had subsided, so I got up, had a shower, and made food (tea and grilled cheese and fried eggs. I ran out of Cheerios on Saturday, okay? I'm having to be creative about breakfast). I had wanted to go to DSW to find myself some closed-toed flats (because I don't have any right now and open-toed shoes are really not gonna cut it, very soon), but then the Port Authority website said there would be bus outages along the route I needed to take, so I decided that Fate was against me getting shoes, so instead I practiced for a few hours, then cooked some more (curry with tofu & egg over pasta because I can't find the goddamn rice in the grocery store, and cheesy bread allegedly for today's breakfast). And then I fucked around on the internet because, what do you know, it was midnight and I wasn't sleepy. And I wasn't sleepy. And I wasn't sleepy.

Around 2 I was like, I better go be in bed, because if I stay out here in the dining room I'll never sleep. And then I was lying in bed in the dark, still awake. And still awake. And still awake. Until 5 am.

At 5 I was finally, finally, kinda tired, so I thought, "one hour of sleep is better than no sleep; I'll nap until my alarm goes off at six! Because my 9 am rep class is doing Mendelssohn 3 and Brahms 4 today!"

And then at 9:12 I woke up to Baxter clawing my arm and crying for breakfast.

So I dashed off a quick text to Bassoonist P, my stand partner, took a fast shower, discovered it was raining, dug up my rainboots and a jacket and scarf, repacked my bag (because it got very unpacked this weekend while I was running errands), and dashed out to the bus. I arrived at class around 10:12 and followed along with Brahms 4 for about 5 minutes until they packed up, and then the professor teased me a little about needing a new alarm clock. And then he teased me some more about being late when I ran into him in the cafe (OMG BTW MY SCHOOL HAS A CAFE IN THE FINE ARTS BUILDING. THIS IS HOW IT'S DONE, PEOPLE. Because musicians and artists are probably the most caffeinated people on any given college campus ever).

So I practised for perhaps an hour because hey, we have lessons again today! And then I was hurriedly packing up to go to my noon class when Bassoonist P asked if I was leaving, and so I surrendered my practice room to him. Dashing out the building, I passed a couple other people who are also in my noon class, none of them in the same hurry I was. And yet I thought nothing of it. Until I walked halfway across campus to the building the class is in, and the lecture hall was dark and empty. And finally I was like, "crap. Did I miss a memo or something?" So then I checked my e-mail, and indeed, the professor had cancelled class. At 9:00 last night. And as much as it was definitely a case of me being as big a fuck-up as ever lived, it would have been nice of someone to say, "hey, you know class is cancelled, right?" while I was boogieing out of the CFA (college of fine arts)

So then I trudged back to the CFA and got chips and a bagel in the cafe and we're finally up to now.

Also, you guys:
Me: oh god why. what am i supposed to do with this?

The picture really doesn't do it justice. It is impressively crazy.
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1. Sore throat + sniffles + watery eyes + maybe a slight fever if my baseline is below 98.6 as I suspect it is = hopefully not flu. Seriously, I am not allowed to be really sick until after next week, I have way too much bassooning to do.

2. Dear Homework I Have Not Seriously Considered Doing For The Past Four Days,
I'm not sorry.
love, Sigma

3. I have discovered the fiery green joy of wasabi peas. Uh. Or maybe I like them because I can taste them even with a sniffly nose?

4. Sci-Fi Bassoon! Well, Eigenharp. My teacher linked me to this. Awesome electronic instruments ahoy! ... Will tried to explain what the mouth-pipe does but I still don't get it.

More kitten pictures at my Photobucket album! Seriously. TONS more.

Photobucket (this is why I can't be sick. among other things.)
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1. BUT FIRST! a quiz. tarot )

2. Things I have cooked: cheesy bread, crepes )
Oh, speaking of cooking! That's what I did ALLLL MORNING today. Chocolate chip pancakes, which turned out a little too dry, maybe because I added some cocoa powder and it absorbed the milk? also I didn't measure the flour too painstakingly I guess. AND the little pumpkin my mum gave me was actually a PIE PUMPKIN! And I didn't make a pie with it, but I did scrape it out (with much elbow-grease) and make PUMPKIN MUSH by stirring its innards up with an egg, condensed milk, sugar, and spices (cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, cloves), pouring it into casserole dishes, and sticking it in the oven (no, I didn't measure anything here, either). I tried to roast the seeds (sprinkled half with sugar, half with salt, plus various spices on both sides, including cinnamon, chili powder, ginger, curry powder, and I forget what else) but I ended up burning them to a blackened crisp and setting off the smoke alarm and making the kittens hide under the bed. Oops.

3. Star Trek waffles! Also, I swear I don't hate Flatmate ALL the time. )
I do wonder how these actors feel about having their faces on waffles, and people eating them. I guess it's probably about the same as having their faces all over any other kind of promotional materials or tie-in merchandise or whatever.

4. Downtown LA and the opera costume shop sale: graffiti, a van, and fangirling a professor )

5. Travel fun: my commentary on a packet of peanuts )
I also had some napkins that were pretty great, but I have mislaid them. I really hope I didn't leave them tucked inside Dorian Gray when I returned it to the library :\

6. And some random stuff! YAAAAAY )


BUT FIRST! btw that concert tonight? THIS: )
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What I did Thursday night: DALEK-O-LANTERN )
All the pumpkins that happened that night (on the landing at my friend's apartment): six pumpkins )

What I did Friday morning: got my first ever speeding ticket. The officer kind of talked to me like I was a child, possibly because I clearly had no idea what to do when he pulled me over. (It took me a minute to even realise he was pulling me over, especially because I was almost in my parking lot.) I suppose I had it coming, though. Even if there was no one else in my lane, or even my stretch of road at the time. *sigh* Traffic school, I really don't have time for you. But here I come.

What I'm doing today:
(here's a secret: the piece isn't that good :( Our concert next week should be pretty awesome, though. Mozart Piano Concerto No. 20 in D minor + Mahler Symphony No. 1. Thursday @ 8pm in Schoenberg Hall, tickets $5 with student ID!)

fuck it.

Sep. 14th, 2009 08:59 am
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The kittens are demanding breakfast ever earlier. Today Ducky was in my face at 6:30. Which I guess is still better than Baxter waking me up at 4 yesterday for no reason at all. But still. (Today I did make them wait until 7:15 before I would actually get out of bed. But they were retaliating by sitting closer and closer to me, thus forcing me further and further into the crevice against the wall. When I finally did get up they effectively had me confined to less than half of my own bed.)

2:1 was harder today than any other time before. I had to take extra walking time in the middle. Plus, my iPOS was all run down this morning so it was just me and the sound of my breath and my feet, which makes it seem so much longer. And then a bird shat on my shoulder.

I feel defeated by my own life.

Also, why do we have a gallon and a half of milk in the fridge? If the old milk is bad, you FUCKING POUR IT OUT, you don't leave it in the fridge. If the old milk is fine, why the fuck would you buy new milk? FUCK I NEED TO LIVE ALONE SO MY HOUSE WILL MAKE SOME FUCKING SENSE.

My new running shoes feel good, though. Plus they are pretty.
Asics Gel Landreth. purple.
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The kittens have arrived!! They're indescribably precious. Skittish, though -- definitely not as naïvely trusting as they were when they were tiny, a month or so ago.

Also, I ended up not taking the grey girl -- Clara and her dad had both grown far too attached to her, and it was so sad to see her try to say goodbye. Instead, I have the little black boy, who it turns out is besties with the black-and-white kitten, so it's better this way anyway.

To jog your memory:
The black-and-white boy )
The all-black boy )

Aaaand! PICSPAM: bathroom photoshoot! )

The pictures are all in the bathroom because it has turned out that the best place for the catbox is underneath my bathroom sink, and plus, it's the smallest room with the fewest hiding places and the least stuff for them to deal with, so I decided it was the best room for them to be in at first. Eventually I opened the door to the bedroom and they ventured forth and explored; when I left for work, they were chilling/napping/hiding under my bed. I hope they get comfortable enough to play while I'm gone! They were v. skittish when I was there.

The black-and-white kitten, I'm pretty set on calling Baxter, since he's been "Baxter" in my head for so long, and he hasn't done anything to contradict it yet. The all-black kitten is the bolder of the two, and I kind of want to name him after an explorer -- Vasco or Ferdinand, maybe? Magellan? Columbus? When I looked at the pictures of him in the box, though, I thought, "HIS NAME SHOULD BE QUANTUM" which is, in any case, fewer syllables, quirkier, and has more of a ring when paired with "Baxter." Plus I like naming animals nouns, or at least I like the idea of it (two alternate names for Rosco were Waffle and Toaster, both of which are ADORABLE names for a cat). And it's an esoteric physics joke that people probably won't get unless they've seen the box picture and know about Schrödinger, which also pleases me!

When maybe-Vasco-maybe-Quantum first went out into the bedroom to explore, probably-Baxter hid in the cupboard under the sink (I took off the door a while ago, when it became clear that that was where the catbox would go) and cried until his brother came back. It was both adorable and sad. I had to pick him up and carry him out into the bedroom to get him to leave the cupboard, but after that he was pretty happy following Vasco/Quantum around my room.

Flatmate was all, "I want to come home and play but I can't since I'm at work! :(" and I had to say, "well they're not playing either, they're nervous" -- I probably should have expected that they wouldn't automatically love me and would, in fact, run and hide. It still made me a little sad, though. But anyway, patience: I has it. Learning how to take caption-inspiring pictures of the kittens should give us all the bonding time we need, right? :D :D


I made this!!! With help from and the LOLbuilder. MAI GEEKERY: LET ME SHOW U IT
It upsets me that this is the best picture of the Tenth Doctor I could find to use -- seated, wearing specs -- especially since you can't even see his Chucks. BUT!!! Rachel Maddow is TOTALLY Ten in an alternate, gender-switched universe. FACT.
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Tonight has belonged to Photobucket. And to NCIS, and to margaritas. And LJ, eventually. BUT THE POINT IS!!!

I have posted pictures for you! Yaaaaaay! And all of them are somewhere else on my journal!!! I considered making this a scavenger hunt, but it's far more effective for me just to link to everything, yeah? So here's links.

1. KITTENS (which still don't actually live with me because i wrote down a phone number wrong and the messages i've left at the other number are still unanswered and i haven't had to balls to just show up randomly at their house yet... :c )




Jul. 21st, 2009 04:48 pm
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The grey one and the black-and-white spotted one are miiiiiiiine.... <3 <3 <3

I hope that link works... If not, this can be a placeholder until I put the kitten pictures in this post. Yay!!!

edit (02:17 26 July 2009): KITTEN PICTURES!!!
click through for MOAR KITTEN PICTURES!!! )
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No spoilers, but I can say with total conviction that this is perhaps the strongest of the films so far. (Except for the last 15 or so minutes, which had an unfortunate attack of Weak Storytelling...) It helps that the Trio are no longer child actors, but simply Actors -- I think that went a long way toward making me happy about this movie. And I quite liked the score, as well! And it makes me smile that Dan Radcliffe is still short-to-middling, while Rupert Grint and Bonnie Wright (for a girl who is also two years younger than everyone else) and especially Tom Felton are Quite Tall. (According to IMDB, Felton is 6'1"? Eeeeee. :) He's rather delectable in all the black-on-black suits.)

Anyway. There might be pictures to come of my "Evil has cute hair" photo shoot, which happened after I got back to my apartment at nearly 5 ayemme.

edit (02:40 26 July 2009): Slytherin Photoshoot
click through for mildly elaborate costume pictures! )
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Because no-one can say I'm not doing my part to stimulate the economy.

Today I went to DSW to return the Me Too "Swann" flats I mentioned last time.... and then I got more shoes because I have no willpower.

I wanted to replace these Rocket Dog "Jasmine Tea" sneakers:
because the lining inside got all bunched up and torn somehow, and the outer fabric was coming away from the rubber, and some of the rubber in the heels and shit was actually broken, and it was just bad times. (shows how well-loved they were, eh? I think I got them in winter sometime...)

So I ended up with these Rocket Dog "Ice Tea" sneakers:
Except they're just blue-on-black (with purple accents) and not multi-coloured. Z says they're cute and I like them and they're comfy so all is well.

And then I got these Blowfish "Segment" flats for good measure:
because my last pair of black flats is, well, smelly. And the lining in the toes has moved around, which is kind of no good as well.

And I also went back to the last "shoes" post and found proper pictures of the shoes I actually own, so go see the awesome espadrilles in all their veracity and glory!

p.s. The Setras were there again... I still didn't buy them. But I wanted to.
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Mum and I went POWER SHOPPING this weekend. It was pretty wicked. And now I am finally giving in to the compulsion to blog about the new shoes because I'm waiting for the coffee maker to finish its cleaning cycle (because apparently the water in my building will be off from 9 to 4 tomorrow? so i wanted to get as much water-related stuff done before then).

SO! First, the ones that got away:
The Madden Girl Setra. I was so in love with the t-strap with ruffles like an ascot. I might have a peculiar fondness for men's formalwear. But they were too high and unstable feeling, and I left them in the store. Sigh.

And Me Too's Swann flats: I actually bought these, but they're too tight across the top and I need to take them back.

And the keepers:
The point of the shoe-shopping was getting nice sandals, and these are them, sort of -- the heel on mine (Etienne Aigner's Abbie) is slightly different and the hardware is gold-coloured, but the basic design is the same. The important parts are the straps -- leather, rope. It feels very nautical. c:

Now, I don't usually like wedges, but I saw Restricted's Beach Fun espadrilles and I said, "I must have them." And then I did. They're very attractive.

These are Madden Girl's Selestee, and I was just as enchanted by this ruffle as the one on the Setra... Also, I kind of really wanted grey heels. There were some strappier grey suede heels on the clearance rack, but they weren't in my size and it was terribly disappointing, but these made it all better!


Tomorrow: building bathroom storage, teaching bassoon, probably not meeting kittens (this lady never called me back, either -- wtf? I'm pretty sure it's not my phone having a problem, at least... >:c whatever.)
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1. Ridiculous Dream )

2. The Tale of Shoe-Boy )

3. Bonus!! Not a story, but more on shoes... The ones pictured above, I bought at DSW; they are the Rileigh by Madden Girl. And these are my awesome boots. They are the Chaingang by Rocket Dog. Shoes are awesome. (christ, when did i turn into a girl?)
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So. I am in LB and rather bored, despite Dress Shopping Part 1 and Dentist Appointment, so I resorted to internet quizzes (see immediately previous post) and Pieces of Flair on Facebook. I looked at the "Recently Popular" for the "Emotions" category, and immediately noticed the ridiculous amount of "sad-14-year-old-girl emo flair," as I described it to Malia. And then it was just too good to keep to myself, so I screencapped the emo from the first ten pages! MAI MOCKERY, LET ME SHOW U IT! )

Yeah, yeah, you got me -- the reason I even noticed this trend was that a lot of these actually spoke to me -- evidence of my weakened state. So I made fun of them to make myself feel better, yay! Guess which ones seemed most applicable!
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last weekend we had a very successful party and although we did not tell the jerks next door about it, it was still earlier in the evening than usual and still quiet and polite (we didn't even have music this time, which reduced the general noise level a lot); so mr. next door called the cops on us -- twice! -- and both times, they were like, "This seems like a nice party, it's not too loud at all, just keep up the good work, we don't know why he keeps calling us." The third time, he came over himself and Roomie's Sister talked him down from his towering rage very politely and reasonably -- she was elected to be The Sober One much earlier in the evening and it definitely paid off.

Take that, Mr & Mrs Next Door. Stop taking your unhappy home life out on us. You're the ones who made the foolish choice of moving into a flat in the shitty, expensive, student-ridden part of town.
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Under cuts for your convenience!

LA Times Festival of Books octopus plushie:he brings me tentacley joy )

White Tree of Gondor T-shirt (or as i like to call it, T-Shirt of Gondor):photographic evidence of b00biez )

Stone crabs from POTC:DMC: adorable crustaceans ftw )
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in other news, the three of us watch NCIS together even though it's kind of a terrible show and it's all my fault for preferring crime drama (or in this case, dramedy srsly this show is ricockulous it should not be allowed)

for those not in The Know, Mark Harmon is Special Agent Gibbs on NCIS and John Barrowman is Captain Jack Harkness on Doctor Who and Torchwood. yaaaaaay tv!



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