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Pittsburgh is absolute hell on my heels. High-heeled shoes, that is, not my feet. So, all shoes have soles. You know the tiny little square (rounded... square... ish....) of sole that is on the heel of a high-heeled shoe?

The sidewalks here eat them.

No, I'm perfectly serious. Since moving here, this has happened to no less than three pairs of my shoes: I'll arrive at home and notice that that tiny bit of sole is just gone. Sometimes I realise it while I'm still walking, and my steps sound different, or one foot is suddenly unstable, because what I'm walking on is actually a tiny round bit of metal instead of a flat piece of what looks like plastic. And, you guys know me -- any tiny instability can be disastrous. Honestly, I'm shocked that I haven't turned an ankle each time this happens.

So far, it's happened to my low black Madden Girl pumps, my awesome red-grey-and-black-plaid Ann Marino Oxford heels, and, today, to my black Impo Superboots. You know the ones. The boots that I wore to all my auditions this February (and March)? The ones that I wore when I walked all over San Francisco, Winston-Salem, Philadelphia, and Manhattan's Upper West Side. Those boots. The best boots ever. Nothing bad happened to them on all those trips, but four days of walking around Pittsburgh and one loses that bit.

Is this an easy or cheap fix? Does anyone know? Because I don't want to have to retire all these shoes. Especially not the plaid Oxfords. (I should probably replace the boots, though, the toes are badly worn. Maybe I'll replace them with the exact same boots? I think I saw them when I was at DSW this fall. That would be awesome.)


In other news, nothing I own has enough traction and warmth for the snow. YAAAAAAAY!
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Dear women whose pictures appear on The Sartorialist:

Can someone please explain to me the thinking behind the massive-heels-while-bicycling phenomenon? I don't understand. It seems highly impractical, and perhaps even dangerous -- like you're inviting some kind of grievous injury. I worry for your safety.

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After my second viewing, I can safely say that I liked it (shut up you guys, you know it's hard for me to tell with the HP films! I'm still flip-flopping on the fourth one!).

(FYI: I am in Chicago, spending the Thanksgiving holiday with my dad's cousins who live here! They're super cool. One has a baby named Malia who is pretty much the best thing ever: 1.5 years old, adorable, loves music, and so, so smart. She blows me away. Pictures later, maybe. Also: Today the two babyless cousins took me to the Art Institute of Chicago, which. Amazing. Pictures later, definitely. But omg my feet. And all this after an extremely fruitful two-hour shopping trip this morning -- things I now have: a winter coat (OH THANK GOD); warm, fuzzy, tall boots that actually fit my calves omg)

okay now the movie )

Things for which I am hoping in HP 7.2:
-- lots of flashbacks to cover all the plot they've skipped in the films so far
-- lots of flashbacks of young Snape & other grownups <3
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Music that is love:
- Sting singing John Dowland (the album is called Songs from the Labyrinth. Check it out, there's a YouTube playlist.)
- The Kronos Quartet playing John Adams: John's Book of Alleged Dances. (1) I love Kronos. (2) I love John Adams. I want John Adams to write something this wicked (and omg wicked hard, it sounds like) for woodwinds. I could maybe expand my "Woodwind Quintets That People Might Actually Want To Listen To" list to use two hands!

p.s. Have more YouTube: Kronos Quartet on Sesame Street OMG HILARIOUS UNISON SPEAKING! HILARIOUS 80s HAIR AND CLOTHES! PURPLE HAZE! ILU SESAME STREET! (duuuude this was the year I was born how cosmic is that?)

.... okay, have some more Sesame Street on YouTube:
- Geometry of Circles (and also the ending bit with higher-quality video), with music composed by Philip Glass* specifically for this segment.
- RSI: Rhyme Scene Investigation Not that I even watch CSI but, oh, Sesame Street <3 <3 I kept expecting to hear The Who during the "opening credits" bit. Also, how was I not aware that Sesame Street had carved out a niche for itself in the parody business until recently? The list goes on: Desperate Houseplants, A's Anatomy, 30 Rocks, Outrageous Makeover Home Addition, Dirtiest Jobs, Mad Men, True Mud.... Oh, so much love. A large part of me wants to go all CRITICAL MEDIA LITERACY!!!! on it.
ALSO ALSO ALSO Neil Patrick Harris is the Shoe Fairy! SESAME STREET + NPH + SHOES = EPIC EPIC WIN. Oh, NPH! Oh, Sesame Street! ILU FOREVER. (Oh, shoes...... *swoon*)

.... Dudes, I forgot what this post was originally going to be about. Happy YouTubing!

*There was a composer named Glass
Philip Glass Philip Glass Philip Glass
Philip Glass Philip Glass
Philip Glass Philip Glass
Philip Glass Philip Glass Philip Glass

edit;; While I'm showing you the internets, I just read this:
What Batman taught me about being a good dad
You guys, I'm crying. I could blame it on the martini I just finished, but I'm pretty sure it's because I'm an enormous girl. I... don't want to have children. Or at least, I don't want to raise children. Or at least, at this point in my life, I'm pretty sure I won't -- I can't even imagine having a spouse, having a sprog, having a house... It doesn't compute, for me. But I hope this guy's kid grows up to be a superhero. I really do.
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Okay, so I'm doing my student teaching at Santa Monica High School. It's Santa Monica, so there are tons of boutique clothing shops and shit, and the girls are all so fashionable, it kills me. I feel really lame and inadequate most days, especially given my limited repertoire of teaching-appropriate clothes. But today I wore these shoes: Ann Marino Lark (ugh, picture to replace link when I get my act together with Photobucket) and about ten kids complimented them, in the two classes I taught today. Eee. c:

In other news, it's UCLA's spring break this week, but Samohi's next week and the week after, so instead of a proper spring break, I'm getting three weeks of half-time, kind of. I'm hoping that, in the next two weeks, I'm finally able (read: have enough willpower) to sit my ass down and do the written work for the PACT, which was due about three weeks ago and which I have not even started. (I'm a winner!)

On the OMG GRAD SCHOOL OMG front, I've heard back from nearly all my schools now. Still no official word from UNCSA, and no word at all from Temple, and I'm waiting on financial aid packages from most, but what I do know so far is:
rejected by Northwestern
accepted by University of Michigan (financial aid tbd), Mannes (financial aid tbd), Rutgers ($12,000 scholarship/assistantship), San Francisco Conservatory ($12,000 scholarship + federal loans that would cover nearly all my projected costs), Carnegie Mellon ($10,000 scholarship + $20,900 assistantship, which would cover full tuition)

Carnegie Mellon seems to be the front runner so far, but SFCM and UMich were also "close second" schools, and Mannes might leap forward when I get the snail-mail package, which I hope would include information about financial aid and whose studio I would be in. Rutgers would also be fun in a hang-out-with-Z-all-the-time way, and I liked Angela Anderson Smith, and I like the proximity by train to New York (one hour) and Philadelphia (two hours)...

What I need to do now is sit down and figure out how I feel about each teacher and each school. Really decide, and rank them, based on what I think will be best for me in terms of increasing my competence at bassoon. Not that that's going to be difficult or anything.

Also, I'm going to be hella busy next quarter. Boo.
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Epic Audition Extravaganza: The Completed List
1. PACT: Do Not Want, Wednesday night panic, Muscle Spasm awesomesauce, Granola Bars FAIL, probable overpacking
2. LAX: Terminal 6 does not appear to have a theme... but does have plants, sausage sandwich, sitting and waiting, I change my wallpaper when I'm bored apparently
3. Midair: Continental serves Bombay Sapphire (which is a bigger point in its favour than it should be considering I don't generally imbibe on airplanes and especially not when I have to do something important the next day) and experiments with biofuels, sleeping through lunch, Renee Zellweger is Not Pretty, Houston is verdant.
4. IAH: many sprawling terminals, rude cart drivers, extremely localized food, assholes at chili's, Apple Fritters are NOT Apple-Filled, changing gates OMG: I am not amused; many outlets; many running people (I feel this is a sign that the layout here is ineffective); no dinosaurs here either; waiting forever to board
5. Midair: teeny jet, smashed finger, eager-to-please flight attendant, sleeping, omg my ears
6. Greensboro --> Winston-Salem: Awkward driver, Historic Hotel is Actually Posh (pictures!), These Boots: Made Foar Walkin
7. UNCSA: Disjunct practise rooms, Air Travel Fiasco Part the First, The Audition (so-so), Oon Bonding: Lunch, The Interview, Oon Bonding: Coffee (which I had to regretfully decline)
8. Winston-Salem --> Greensboro: These Boots: No Moar Walkin Pls, Automated Phone Systems Suck, Chatty Driver
9. GSO: Ticket Fiasco Part the Second (OMG OMG OMG)
10. Midair: Sunset Sandwich, SO MUCH SNOW
11. PHL: How do they get the snow off of so much tarmac?, still (miraculously) on time, very convenient clocks everywhere (yes, this is notable), classical music (Quiet City :) ), CNN: "Monster Nor'easter"
12. Midair: PROPELLOR PLANE OMG, de-icing fluid, fucking loud, uncomfortably warm cabin, uncomfortably warm dude (why must you choose to sit next to me?), dumbfuck lady behind me (worthless human being)
13. EWR: wtf soliciting taxis inside baggage claim (TSA should make them gtfo), the clear deterioration of my mood (stressed? tangry? hangry?), muscle spasm: reprise, I just found a dust bunny under my keyboard cover wtf
14. New Brunswick: Meeting Zach's friends, cosmos, hangover, New Brunswick is charming, snow makes things pretty (and ice makes them slippery), orchestra concert, Houlihan's and bassoon-related desperation, fastest audition turnaround EVAR, sleepover!, omg the snoring (how does your girlfriend stand you?), breakfast or lack thereof (two granola bars and a tangerine, which has less of a ring to it than "two turntables and a microphone"), snow is cute!
15. Onna Train: easy-peasy, so sleepy, Not the Closest Stop to Temple
16. Temple: only arriving 15 minutes before means I can't overtire my chops in the practise room :D, The Audition (I think it went well but man am I awkward. Also, no "do you have any questions?" wtf)
17. Wandering Philadelphia with my Bassoon: The Broad Street Line (and the rude ticket booth attendant), Avenue of the Arts, Curtis, Rittenhouse Square, Walnut Street (H&M + Steve Madden = Temptation), classy ladies eat at McDonald's, City Hall and the Love Statue (pictures!), The Blue Line (one stop haha but it's better than walking 8 blocks), serendipitously convenient timing
18. Onna Train Again: still easy, still sleepy.
19. New Brunswick: walking distance ftw, awkward ride offer, naptiems, Fat Sandwiches, The Hangover
20. Monday: seriously dude chill the fuck out, Coldstone :D, No Restrooms Anywhere, Spontaneous Audition is Spontaneous!, I hate paperwork, train, subway, Hot Dogs Are Delicious, Lincoln Center is Pretty, OMG THE MET (Barber of Seville; can I work here please?), Deacon Brody's, RUN RUN RUN, embarrassing stories are embarrassing!
22. Tuesday: sitting around, OCD suitcase management, Tiny Professor is Tiny, New York Adventure! (train, subway, Mannes, rehearsing with Raphael, aimless wanderings, Roomie!, chilling with Paula: YMCA, Dinner (Peter's), Cupcakes (Magnolia), missing the train), margaritas (likely ill-advised), The Rite of Spting
23. Wednesday: Toaster Oven FAIL, New York Adeventure! (bus, train, Penn Station is Still Confusing, the 81st St. subway station is the prettiest (PICTURES)), The Audition (Mozart I, Berceuse, Alan Fox), aimlessly wandering the Upper West Side (eggplant parmesan in Central Park (PICTURES!)), Museum of Natural History (Birds! Dinosaurs! how the hell do I leave? no time for rocks, space :c (MORE PICTURES!)), omg my feet, The Music Theory Battery, train, dinner and much wine and Beatles Rock Band
24. Thursday: mild oversleeping (still with time to organizedly re-re-pack), train, EWR (Dunkin' Donuts outside security but not inside? FOUL DECEITFULTEMPTRESS, No Freaking Outlets), Onna Plane (crosswords, sleeping), PHX (WTF weird random hills GTFO, CPK :D, No Freaking Outlets Again), Onna Plane (sniffles, boredom, sudoku), LAX (fuckers don't know how to drive), home again home again (kitties! disgusting hair! sleeping!), apartment (ugh just go the fuck to bed)
25. Friday: Reasons I Hate Flatmate (huge mess, coffee grinds, coffee pot, garbage disposal, fridge takeover), SCSBOA Festival (these shoes: not made foar walkin), Contempo Flux, Napa, home again home again

Also!! My car has a passenger-side mirror again. Yay :)
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So I ended up neither packing nor doing that project. Instead, I fell asleep. :D I have yet to e-mail my professor and be like, "sorry I fell asleep and I needed to prioritize packing anyway" -- because I did pack this morning.

Also, modding new concert heels FOR GRATE COMFORT = win! Dear Dr. Scholl's For Her: You are beautiful. Never, ever change. Love, Sigma. (My new concert heels are Jessica Simpson, and I almost didn't buy them because of it... but they were so cute (and impractical). Damn it, Jessica Simpson.)

In other news, I've been seriously contemplating breaking up with Facebook. But then I'd never know when all the parties are... Honestly, though, Facebook is too much work. It exhausts me.

I've really wanted to paint my toenails for the past two or three weeks, but I keep having no time in which to do it. :(

5 Things

Jan. 23rd, 2010 12:59 am
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Thing 1: God, "Say Yes To The Dress" is such an insipid show. I can't stand Flatmate. Ew.

Thing 2: So I got new rain (and/or snow) boots! They're cute and warm and they don't leak and they fit well and they are very very slippery on (wet, freshly-waxed) tile, which I discovered two days ago. It's good to know you never grow out of falling on your ass. (But seriously, who decides to get the floor waxed during a rainstorm? What the fuck. Maybe the department chair has a hidden camera set up to watch us slip and fall.)

Thing 3: So the package that I was hysterical about yesterday? It arrived today. (The package that the hang-tag was for, apparently, was something else entirely which I did in fact receive.) So now I have cane soaking, and John worked his magic on my two existing reeds, and he fixed the leak in my D key. Yay! Whatever was weird about F-sharp in my lesson earlier this week, though, is still happening... so I don't know what that's about, because it's not a leak. I can feel something vibrating under my middle finger, though. Maybe I'm not holding down the ring key enough? "My fingers are tapered and feminine, your big man fingertips aren't simulating my problem" -- yeah, right. I must be doing something weird. *sigh*

Thing 4: OH MY GOD so tonight when I went back to school after visiting John, I went to practise in the studio because I also needed to do reed stuff. And there was this asshole jazz sax player who felt the need to practise LOUD in the dressing room right behind the studio. The dressing room which has no soundproofing because it was never intended to have people practising in it, but my school is too shitty and poor to build more practise rooms (also there may not be space because the practice rooms are fucking undergroung which by the way is incredibly depressing -- no windows :c ) so they opened the dressing rooms for our use when there aren't any proper rooms open, which is not the case at 10:00 on a Friday night, asshole. It was incredibly distracting, and frustrating, especially because every time I would stop to try to center myself, he would start playing LOUD again and it would ruin my efforts. I only had a small tantrum this time, though.... which is an improvement. The quality of my playing, however, is not improved. *double-sigh*

Thing 5: omg I'm so sleeeeepyyyyyy.


Oct. 13th, 2009 01:57 pm
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(I wish there were some way to indicate where my big smileys fall on the sincerity scale. this one is not very.)

I CAN HAS EAR INFECTION!!!! not the outer ear this time, which means no drops (yay) -- just regular old oral antibiotics. The doctor I saw at the student health center gave me a scrip and I'm gonna take it to Rite Aid when I get home tonight.

In other news, today is RAINY! I did bring an umbrella and my rain boots, but it wasn't raining when I left my car this morning so I left the boots in the backseat and put on ballet flats. It definitely was raining when I went to student health, though, and my feet got wet :( HOWEVER the lot I park in is underneath student health, and indeed the stair I use is right next to student health, so after I saw the doctor I popped down and put on my rain boots and then got a pretzel and boba and went back to work. And then I changed back out of my boots the second I got back to the music building, because they are fabulous and warm and dry, but they are also not quite wide enough and have insufficient arch support. *shrug* such is life.

I was going to complain about Patrons Who Expect You To Do Everything For Them Including Look Up The Location Of Every Book They Wish To Check Out, but I have to go eat lunch before orchestra. (wearing an ear plug won't fuck with my infected ear, will it? I'm experiencing sound sensitivity, which suxx0rz.)

fuck it.

Sep. 14th, 2009 08:59 am
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The kittens are demanding breakfast ever earlier. Today Ducky was in my face at 6:30. Which I guess is still better than Baxter waking me up at 4 yesterday for no reason at all. But still. (Today I did make them wait until 7:15 before I would actually get out of bed. But they were retaliating by sitting closer and closer to me, thus forcing me further and further into the crevice against the wall. When I finally did get up they effectively had me confined to less than half of my own bed.)

2:1 was harder today than any other time before. I had to take extra walking time in the middle. Plus, my iPOS was all run down this morning so it was just me and the sound of my breath and my feet, which makes it seem so much longer. And then a bird shat on my shoulder.

I feel defeated by my own life.

Also, why do we have a gallon and a half of milk in the fridge? If the old milk is bad, you FUCKING POUR IT OUT, you don't leave it in the fridge. If the old milk is fine, why the fuck would you buy new milk? FUCK I NEED TO LIVE ALONE SO MY HOUSE WILL MAKE SOME FUCKING SENSE.

My new running shoes feel good, though. Plus they are pretty.
Asics Gel Landreth. purple.
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I just checked the schedule of classes for this quarter, and if the Graduate School of Education does in fact get its shit together and offer the classes we need, following the tentative schedule the Music Education professor sent us, I definitely won't be able to take a second year of German. Sadness. (Although honestly I probably wouldn't have been able to anyway because that would surely put me over 20 units, and I'm pretty sure the Arts counselors won't let me over-enroll any more because I'm already over my Official Unit Cap for all four (five) years here.) Of course, if the GSE has no money to offer our classes (because of University of California has failed ALL OVER ITSELF -- O HAI SHOOTING YOURSELF IN THE FOOT, I GUESS YOU DON'T WANT YOUR CHILDREN TO BE EDUCATED BY WELL-TRAINED TEACHERS), then I'll be able to work in the library in the mornings, instead of lunchtime, and take German 4 from 11-11:50. Is it wrong that I almost hope that the Music Ed program here falls apart so that I can do what I want? I did not say that. I swear.

In other news, after taking two days off, the air seemed okay this morning, so I went running (1:2), and it felt sooooo good. I'll probably do the same run:walk ratio tomorrow, take Sunday off, and try starting "week two" again next week (2:1, walk, 3:1, walk, 4:1, 4:1, rest -- a rather intimidating ramping up of the running portion). Also, my daddy told me to bring my running shoes when I came home this weekend (to see his cousin & her hubby & their new baby who are visiting from Chicago), and we might get me new shoes. Mine aren't uncomfortable, and they're probably not too worn out sole-wise, but they're a couple years old and I marched in them, so the upper part of the shoe is pretty beat up. *shrug* I like shoes, so it's all good.

In kitten news, they enjoyed my friend's visit, and he definitely enjoyed hanging out with them! Baxter threw up this morning, though. He's fine now, I think -- at least, he was fine when I left this morning. I'm pretty sure he's not actually sick, I think he was just a little too worked up running around and playing this morning, and then he ate too fast and gave himself a tummy ache. Right before he booted, he made the loudest, most miserable-sounding meows, though. I felt really bad for him. And then he tried to eat his own vomit, which was, well, not okay, but I can see why a kitten might do that. Especially since it was mostly entire pieces of kibble. (Baxter is apparently bad at chewing? Ducky seems to chew more, but he's a little bit smaller than Baxter and I think the kibble pieces might be too big for him to swallow whole.)

Oh, crap. I just gave a woman directions to the student services office, but it's a furlough day and none of the department staff are here. Whoops.
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No spoilers, but I can say with total conviction that this is perhaps the strongest of the films so far. (Except for the last 15 or so minutes, which had an unfortunate attack of Weak Storytelling...) It helps that the Trio are no longer child actors, but simply Actors -- I think that went a long way toward making me happy about this movie. And I quite liked the score, as well! And it makes me smile that Dan Radcliffe is still short-to-middling, while Rupert Grint and Bonnie Wright (for a girl who is also two years younger than everyone else) and especially Tom Felton are Quite Tall. (According to IMDB, Felton is 6'1"? Eeeeee. :) He's rather delectable in all the black-on-black suits.)

Anyway. There might be pictures to come of my "Evil has cute hair" photo shoot, which happened after I got back to my apartment at nearly 5 ayemme.

edit (02:40 26 July 2009): Slytherin Photoshoot
click through for mildly elaborate costume pictures! )
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Because no-one can say I'm not doing my part to stimulate the economy.

Today I went to DSW to return the Me Too "Swann" flats I mentioned last time.... and then I got more shoes because I have no willpower.

I wanted to replace these Rocket Dog "Jasmine Tea" sneakers:
because the lining inside got all bunched up and torn somehow, and the outer fabric was coming away from the rubber, and some of the rubber in the heels and shit was actually broken, and it was just bad times. (shows how well-loved they were, eh? I think I got them in winter sometime...)

So I ended up with these Rocket Dog "Ice Tea" sneakers:
Except they're just blue-on-black (with purple accents) and not multi-coloured. Z says they're cute and I like them and they're comfy so all is well.

And then I got these Blowfish "Segment" flats for good measure:
because my last pair of black flats is, well, smelly. And the lining in the toes has moved around, which is kind of no good as well.

And I also went back to the last "shoes" post and found proper pictures of the shoes I actually own, so go see the awesome espadrilles in all their veracity and glory!

p.s. The Setras were there again... I still didn't buy them. But I wanted to.
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Mum and I went POWER SHOPPING this weekend. It was pretty wicked. And now I am finally giving in to the compulsion to blog about the new shoes because I'm waiting for the coffee maker to finish its cleaning cycle (because apparently the water in my building will be off from 9 to 4 tomorrow? so i wanted to get as much water-related stuff done before then).

SO! First, the ones that got away:
The Madden Girl Setra. I was so in love with the t-strap with ruffles like an ascot. I might have a peculiar fondness for men's formalwear. But they were too high and unstable feeling, and I left them in the store. Sigh.

And Me Too's Swann flats: I actually bought these, but they're too tight across the top and I need to take them back.

And the keepers:
The point of the shoe-shopping was getting nice sandals, and these are them, sort of -- the heel on mine (Etienne Aigner's Abbie) is slightly different and the hardware is gold-coloured, but the basic design is the same. The important parts are the straps -- leather, rope. It feels very nautical. c:

Now, I don't usually like wedges, but I saw Restricted's Beach Fun espadrilles and I said, "I must have them." And then I did. They're very attractive.

These are Madden Girl's Selestee, and I was just as enchanted by this ruffle as the one on the Setra... Also, I kind of really wanted grey heels. There were some strappier grey suede heels on the clearance rack, but they weren't in my size and it was terribly disappointing, but these made it all better!


Tomorrow: building bathroom storage, teaching bassoon, probably not meeting kittens (this lady never called me back, either -- wtf? I'm pretty sure it's not my phone having a problem, at least... >:c whatever.)
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1. Ridiculous Dream )

2. The Tale of Shoe-Boy )

3. Bonus!! Not a story, but more on shoes... The ones pictured above, I bought at DSW; they are the Rileigh by Madden Girl. And these are my awesome boots. They are the Chaingang by Rocket Dog. Shoes are awesome. (christ, when did i turn into a girl?)
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The answer? I DO. Or, I did, last night at 12:15 with Roomie and Neighbour J. Which was perhaps imprudent the night before a long, long day and a party. Ah, well. Watchmen was totally worth it, even if I'm a little bit of a zombie right now. I think I have time to catch a couple naps throughout the day?

SO ANYWAY THE MOVIE May contain spoilers? I'm trying not to but if you have no idea what to expect... )

And a gripe: Female Hero Costuming. (Note that this gripe applies to ALL female superheroes EVER, and not just Watchmen.) Because if she's going to get thrown around and beaten up and narrowly avoid explosions, shouldn't she at least have some freakin' pants on? I mean, I know Malin Akerman has great legs, but talk about risking burns in The Worst Places. Also, that black latex was all up in her business. And by business I mean crotch. SO UNCOMFORTABLE AND POTENTIALLY INDECENT. Seriously, though, the female characters get just as roughed up as the male characters, but they NEVER EVER get any protective armour. Silk Spectre II gets thrown against some stairs -- really hard btw!! -- and I couldn't help thinking that it should have broken her spine. The book at least acknowledges Also, Sensible Shoes and Continuity: 5-inch heels do not make for effective crime-fighting, Comic Book Industry. But if you're gonna have them in some shots, please have them in all of them. She does a tuck-and-roll onto the roof and I swear she has absurd spike heels on, but the next sequence in which she actually Kicks Major Butt, she's wearing flats. (I complained about this afterwards and Roomie suggested facetiously, "Maybe the heels are retractable!" Which was something I had actually contemplated during the movie (oh the shame) and then rejected because, really, who would use that kind of technology on shoes?) So, Movie, make up your mind. Because I wept a little for the demise of Continuity.
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My shoes are not waterproof. Ergo, my socks are damp. As are my jeans and my coat a little bit (and I probably should have worn the long not-wool coat when I saw it was raining, instead of the short wool peacoat oops). But that's okay because, omg rain! :D

Ironically, when I was debating whether to buy rain boots online this weekend, I was all, "Well it's probably not going to rain again for months but it's not like my feet will grow so I may as well since they're on sale :D" and Roomie was like, "Yeah just do it" but then locked me out of my account when I tried to sign in to get free shipping (turns out I hadn't actually created an account on the website yet so I tried to sign in too many times and then I realised that it didn't even exist so then I created one but I was still locked out) so I have to call their customer service before six today so that I can buy my too-little-too-late rain boots. They're super cute, though! Actually I really desperately wanted paisley rain boots but there are no paisley rain boots on :c and this brand is the only one with the calf circumference I need (which is my main obstacle when trying on rain boots in the store) so I was choosing between the linked pair -- cherries on leopard print -- and one that's ladybugs & skulls and I would have gone for the ladybugs if the skulls were only the background print but they're also the spots and I didn't like that much.... also the cherries seem much more widely appropriate than skulls. The hearts and cross-bones pair were also in the running but I can't deal with that much pink. If the background were black I would have done it.

Where was I?

OH, so this morning I was thinking about how one of the quotes on my facebook profile is from a spam e-mail about male enhancement, which led to, "I bet about half of the spam I recieve is about male enhancement," and, "I wonder if that's because Sumner is a boy name?" So then I planned an open letter which ran something like:
Dear Internets,
I am, in fact, a girl and as such do not possess male genitalia for you to enhance. I apologise for any confusion my name may have caused.
Femininely yours,

Except! Today, two of the three e-mails in my spam folder on AOL were dodgy invitations to join MSN messenger, which actually just seems strange. I mean, really, MSN? Also, the fact that spambots are gunning for it makes me less inclined to use it for legitimate, of-my-own-volition reasons.

Speaking of MSN, the guy behind Awkward Hand Turkey Theatre tested Google, Yahoo!, and MSN's search engines to see which one of them had the "dirtiest mind" -- he called the competition "Dirty Little Search Engines", and his tests and commentary are hilarious! As are the results.

There has also been sort-of-resolution on the coffee filters thing... The other day Flatmate (while carrying broccoli florets in a coffee filter out of the kitchen) says, "Hey, sorry I keep using your coffee filters as snack cups..." Which was uncomfortable because, a) if you're apologising while continuing to do whatever it is for which you are apologising why apologise at all?, b) if you were aware that it bothered me why did you keep doing it?, and c) I've been sitting on this irritation for so long that I'd just rather not address it, especially since Flatmate is v. confrontational and I am v. not. And anyway, I kind of realised that she's used a total of maybe 10 coffee filters, which is only 1.5-2 weeks worth depending on how often I make coffee, and I wasn't especially bothered when Roomie's Sister asked for about 25 to make a flower to give to her boyfriend so I don't really have a good reason to be bothered about this (except maybe for the fact that Roomie's Sister asked first and that we do have actual snack-sized cups and napkins, both of which are intended for snack-containment and cannot be used to filter coffee so it's not really a fair trade, is it? ohgodstopdwellingonityou'rejustmakingitworse)

Um. I think that might be all? Tonight I'm going to see the Vienna Philharmonic! They are visiting Disney Hall! :D


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